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Need To Define My Chest Muscles

The first thing that hit me when I looked in the mirror – my chest – or lack of it! So today or this evening I am determined to go mad and really exercise my chest.

Always Struggled

I've always struggled to use my chest muscles when exercising. When doing the standard chest exercises in the past – I never felt the ache in my chest. My arms and shoulders compensated and took most of the strain whilst my chest really did not. Consequently my chest has always been under developed compared to the rest of my body, and has always taken that bit of extra special effort. I have been maintaining muscle definition - or so I thought, but I now think I've lost some definition, this is what I am going to do.

Mindfulness Exercise Works Every Time

There are standard exercises to use chest muscles and target them specifically – but for me they don't work as they should, unless I spend some time warming them up, focussing upon them and first activating them by twitching them. For me even the standard press up/push up doesn't work as it should – unless I really think about, and focus upon, using my chest muscles whilst simultaneously relaxing my arms as much as possible. This is essentially mindfulness - where I focus upon my body and nothing else.

Exercising My Chest During My Normal Day

  • Concentrate on using my arms less – by gripping things less hard throughout my day. Using less grip and my arms less means that I use my chest muscles for general tasks more. This effect can be helped by really concentrating upon my posture – shoulders and head back – neutral spine. I have to constantly remind myself to do this.

  • Even whilst stuck in traffic - contract chest muscles as hard as I can – and in any way I can by simply using my body. What never fails for me is to try and contract my chest muscle as I move a bent arm across my body – drawing the elbow to the midline of my body whilst contracting the pectoral muscles.

Exercises I intend to carry out for my Chest

Pre Exercise

  • A moment of mindfulness to get into the zone and ensure I do not rush through any exercise but focus upon my body - instead of just completing the exercise.
  • A dry run of the exercises that I'll be doing, with no weights, ensures I'll perfect the movement with proper posture and target the proper muscles. My mind really has to work hard to control my posture, when I become fatigued with the exercise.


  • Dips to target chest – I use a window sill that is opposite a stair post that provides a way to target my chest when I dip. Leaning forward targets my chest more and triceps less.

  • Straightforward Press up/Push with different hand placements to stimulate different areas of the muscle. Keeping good posture and really concentrating upon my chest muscles pulling my upper arm in to the body helps target my chest more. I also do incline and decline (using chair) to target lower and upper chest specifically.

My Goal For Today's Exercise

These exercises are a lot more intense than I would normally do - but with summer coming and keen to get into better shape I have renewed motivation to really focus upon my chest. An intense day like this can work wonders, but I find is not possible to do on a regular basis,  due either to lack of motivation or lack of energy. (I can't use lack of time as an excuse, because the exercises use no equipment - they can be carried out anywhere at any time.)

I will do them throughout the whole day - at different times when I get a chance. Each exercise I will continue to do - until the muscle fatigues and fails. I'll carry them out at odd times right up until I go to bed or until I just cannot do any more. Then I hope to wake up in the morning with a slight ache in my chest that gets progressively worse over the next day or so - then I will know I have done some good!