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Easy Ways for MP's To Quickly Improve their Image

You can improve your image even if you don't have much time. 

If you need to look good quickly, there are a few simple techniques you can learn to improve how you look and communicate with others.

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Need to Improve Body Image for General Election 2017

The poor MP's! They thought they had a job for a few years but are now in a fight once more for their job.  It's not long now before the election and there's not much time for them to ensure they are looking in tip top good condition. However they and indeed anyone else with practice can use the techniques to improve their body image really easily and quickly, to help them communicate a great message, in a confident and strong style.

You can learn a few simple techniques to improve your body image in just a few minutes.

How to Instantly Improve Your Body Image

Simply with good posture!

The answer may seem boring, but the results it gives are far from boring - improved confidence, improved testosterone and improved body image.

Good posture can make us look younger, stronger, more confident and in control.

It really does work and is so simple.

An older less confident look.
A confident more youthful look

We can all improve our image really quickly and simply just by checking and improving our posture. These quick and easy steps can be successfully used by anyone to really and quickly change how they look – to make them appear more youthful and strong.

How To Improve Your Image

Using Mindfulness to Improve Posture only takes 1 minute - the details are here

Walk past a full length mirror and glance at your reflection. What's the first thing you notice?

Now stand with your back against a wall - with your head, shoulder blades and buttocks touching the wall. Your heels will be an inch or so away from the wall. Now hold this position as you walk away from the wall and glance at yourself in the mirror.

If you see no improvement then all is good. If you noticed a difference for the better - then this is the position you need to memorise and practice. It can take a while for it to become your natural position – but for now just keep reminding yourself when you need to look good – imagine a piece of string is connected to the top of your head, and pulling you up to the ceiling like a puppet doll - helping you stand tall with your shoulders back and head upright.

You'll look and feel great!

This strong upright posture will also help you feel and act with confidence. When we are feeling confident, we tend to look better and in control.

Using Mindfulness to Improve Posture only takes 1 minute - the details are here

Simply by improving your posture you can dramatically change the way you look and how others will perceive you.

Power Posing Actually Boosts Confidence

Wide limbs can help us feel more powerful and confident.

A study found that simply by going wide with our limbs can make us look strong, and has been proven to boost testosterone and confidence levels. This can be achieved by widening your limbs – instead of keeping them close to your body – spread out. More details.

Which MP's are standing - decide for yourself who may need to get in shape!