Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men improve physical & mental health.

Lifestyle Help - Plus Exercise Workout

The lifestyle help combined with an exercise Workout for Men. Improve your body with a few small changes....

Improve Your Body Every Single Day - The Easy Way!

This is the most sustainable form of training - giving you lifestyle help to improve your body the easy way. All the small changes that we can make for the better every day all add up to make a big difference to not only help you look really good, but feel good too - this is sustainable health & fitness for life!

More Details coming very soon

For now you can find out more by contacting me below with your choice of workout that you're interested in.

Where do we train?

Naked/Clothed. Straight/Gay

Two options may or may not be possible

1  An Online Video Course - Pre-recorded - no Skype or Zoom - as I don't know where I'd end up! also Erection Kaizen

→2 Mobile Personal Training if you are:

  • 'different' to the average guy
  • or an existing client

….. because many new enquirers don't appreciate the true cost of my sessions;

  • I'm a specialist trainer with extensive medical knowledge– able to help manage and improve many health conditions.
  • My training sessions are different to normal

..this takes effort, knowledge and experience to deliver.

Most guys tell me I'm too expensive - So unless you're a 'special or different guy' – save both of us some bother and look for a more conventional trainer!

🙂 I mean that in a nice way 🙂