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Love penis exercises but can't do the reverse

by Tom

Thanks, for this information, I'm really enjoying all this penis exercising, I think it's brilliant and has helped in a way that I was not expecting. (Don't know if I should talk about it here!!) but I cannot do this, one. I don't even know what I am meant to feel yet I want to see what benefits it may give me.

I would really appreciate any help you can give. Should I see anything or what should I feel?

Thank you

Hi Tom,

I'm glad to hear your enjoying the penis exercises. In fact I'd be interested to know what the benefit has been? It is okay to talk about things in a medical style, so if you are willing to share it with us that would be good.

A lot of people do struggle with this one, I know it took me some time, but gradually things seemed to change. Before I give specific advice, please know that this is my own personal experience and may be different for everyone. It helps me, some of it you may find odd - we all have our odd ways I guess?!

It can only happen when you're relaxed, so make sure your sitting or lying comfortably. It is possible to do it whilst standing up, try it with your legs wide.

Then do the normal penis exercise and squeeze as hard as you can. As you relax try and just encourage this relaxation, trying to increase it by drawing your anus to your tail-bone and your penis to your navel. But don't try too hard as you need to be relaxed. It is important for total focus, don't think of anything else or tense any other muscle. Either shut your eyes or look at your penis.

What You Can See
Initially you don't see any movement, as you do with the normal penis exercise, at the base of your penis. But after a few seconds or so of continued exercising the veins become more prominent, the head becomes enlarged and the penis starts to swell, but remains flaccid. It can become a semi erection. Sometimes I think I see my testicles moving a little, but I'm not sure if this is definite and I think is something that may have just started, so I'll keep you updated on that one.

What you may feel
Again, I guess we are all different, but I feel a fullness in my penis, that then develops into a fluttering, warm sensation. Recently, I also feel a sensation in my testicles.

To gain focus
Sometimes I look at my penis as I carry this exercise out. Yet sometimes, if I haven't done it for a while, I struggle to do it - so I start with the normal penis exercise with as much intensity as possible. Then as I relax from this contraction I really pay attention to the feeling and try to build upon it. This develops into a stretch and the reverse of the penis exercise.
Sometimes I shut my eyes and focus upon my breathing. As I breathe out I do the normal penis exercise and imagine sucking my pelvic floor up into my abdomen. As I breathe in I imagine air being pushed down my abdomen, into my pelvic floor and along to my anus and penis to inflate them and push them out. (Remember this is visualisation!). I then start to think of a toggle switch or valve at the base of my penis. When I am breathing out this toggle is pulled into my body towards my perineum, and when I breathe out I push it into an erect position.

As I write this I have been doing the exercise to ensure I don't leave anything out and the base of my penis and my testicles ache a little, almost like a burn. So I know I have done enough!

I hope you don't think this is too odd, I hope it will help you, let me know!


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