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The Partner Workout

for Men

The Partner Workout - exercises that we do together using each other's body either for support or resistance - fully clothed or naked.

I'll be your workout buddy!

...for a different and fun way to get fit - with exercises for two

Probably the best way to get fit quick!

Uses so many muscles and in so many different ways for great overall fitness, strength and improved health.

Plus an exciting way to exercise - that doesn't feel like exercise!

About the Partner Workout

All the exercises involve both of us in a different position, carrying out a different role. Lifting of limbs or using each other for support, or using the other persons body to add resistance - making the exercise more or less challenging. We then swap roles. 

It can be challenging, if we are different in weight and size it will be more challenging! and you'll probably find it makes you smile!

Nude  Roman Style  Personal Training

We do exercises like this - using just our body's - no equipment.

Naked Partner Exercises Roman Style

Exercise need not be boring!

Lifting weights and using equipment tends to target specific muscles and requires specific movement - giving specific results. Sometimes we really need our whole body to be fit and strong - not just specific parts. The partner workout is all about exercises for the two of us and involves all sorts of different positions and movements that will strengthen your whole body, increase flexibility and improve balance.

Plus it will not feel like exercise but more of a game that will give you some great health & fitness gains.

The A-Z of Exercises

The Warm Up!

Here's a real easy one - a warm up before they gradually get harder

One person holds their leg out like this (Works your butt)
for the other to crawl under like this....
when the leg is high - crawl back and forwards like this. (works so many muscles and is surprisingly hard)
As the other persons glutes (buttocks) fatigue - the leg will drop and the crawler has to be like this to squeeze under.

The A to Z of Exercises!

Choose to do with or without your clothes on!

You roll the dice to see how many we must do..

Abduction/ Adduction

Closing and opening your legs.

You sit on ball with legs open – trying to stop me form closing your legs. Then with your legs closed trying to prevent me from opening them.

Then we swap over

You try and force my legs closed. Then you try and force my legs open.


Glutes (buttocks) & Inner Thigh. Chest & Shoulders

Sitting on ball - you prevent me from opening and closing your legs.
You force my legs shut
or open wide.

Bicep Curl

This one is mainly for that muscle at the front on your upper arm.

You lay on the floor under me - keeping your core muscles engaged to keep your body as you are lifted up by your arms – with your feet on the floor

Then we swap over

You stand over me and lift my upper body off the floor by bending your arms to work your biceps.


Biceps, lower back and gluteal muscles.

The other partner is represented here as the boxing punch bag!

Crawl Under

Surprisingly difficult to do and works virtually your whole body.

You crawl under the bridge I make with my body. But you're knees aren't allowed to touch the floor!  Then you crawl under again, but this time on your back - your hips aren't allowed to touch the floor!

Then we swap

You make the bridge, with legs wide and arms wide for extra stress on these muscles.


Just about every muscle in your body, and a great cardio-vascular exercise.

You'll crawl under this bridge
Crawl under as normal
then crawl under on your back.

..... there's another 30 or so of these to try out!

D to F details coming soon or just book in for a session below and find out in real life...

You can find out anything else about the partner workout by contacting me or choosing one of the following.

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