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Reverse Pelvic Floor Exercise to Make Your Penis Swell Up Big!

The Push Your Penis Out Exercise

and maybe even gain an erection at will!


This really is the difficult one!

But really worth persevering with. It will make your penis bigger and your erection harder, Plus in time you may just be able to gain an erection at will!

It does take time to get use to it - but it really does give some great benefits. Here I try and make it as easy as possible for you to learn what and how you can do this exercise....


Some things just need to be demonstrated and explained - this can be one of them! It is impossible for me to show and explain everything here, but if you want to learn a training session with me: I'll show you different techniques, you can learn in a different fitness experience!

The 'Push Your Penis Out Exercise'! ....And Make It Swell Up Big!

We'll call it push your penis out exercise and make it swell up bib!! Calling it this provides imagery and feelings that you can imagine! This is important as sometimes you can rely purely upon physical muscular actions, but other times we just need to be in the zone. Thinking about your penis swelling up is something you will be able to do - imagining the feelings that you'll soon be getting.  This focus will help you to use your muscles to almost push your penis out, to make it fill with blood and become bigger and thicker - really swelling up! If only for a short period of time. But then with practice you'll make it longer and longer in duration!

Gives a Great Feeling!

This exercise does take some time to master - but once you do you'll love it! It is definitely worth persevering with for all the many benefits it gives. It  can be great to see your penis expand at will - can 3 or 4 months to be able to do it, but the effects will just get better and better. This really can make you feel good, powerful and manly!

Gain Maximum Performance from your Penis

When we squeeze our hand tight or grip something for a period of time, it is natural to want to stretch out afterwards. In fact all muscles need stretching or working through their full range of motion after intense contracting in one position. The pelvic floor muscles that support your penis are no different - they also need flexibility and to be conditioned properly for max performance.

We know that all muscles should not be continually worked in just one way as it leads to tight inflexible muscles that not only cause imbalances in the body but also prevent effective working. If we contract our pelvic floor muscles we also must do the opposite action and almost stretch them out - to really condition them properly.

Do this new exercise with Penis Exercise #1

if you're practising standard pelvic floor exercises - the penis exercise 1 the chances are you're seeing or feeling some kind of improvement. If you are then it is good to add this to your program. If you are not currently exercising your pelvic floor muscles or you do not have a tight pelvic floor then this exercise may not be needed. It is best used in conjunction with the standard exercises.

Why this exercise is important

With any training it is important to either work the opposing muscle groups or at least to stretch the working muscle or to work muscles through their full range of motion to - ensure flexibility, muscle health and avoid strain. Constant squeezing in just one range only is not ideal for any muscle or body part. The opposite and full action can provide balance.

The Reverse Pelvic Floor Exercise not yet official guidance?

As far as I'm aware this exercise is not mentioned by NHS.  Most of my exercises or guidance are backed up by research or renowned organisations, but I am still searching to find much about this exercise. However I believe this has really helped me and common sense tells me that if you are working a muscle you should also stretch it out or work it through it's full range. That exercise relaxes the whole pelvic floor area. Carried out in conjunction with the pelvic floor exercise Penis Exercise 1 this can at least provide relaxation - but may just help improve blood flow even further.

How to carry out the Reverse Pelvic Floor Exercise - Reverse Kegel

Whereas the standard exercises get you to stop that imaginary flow of urine – this exercise is the opposite - you'll be bearing down and up slightly!

It took me quite a lot of practice to be sure I was making the correct movement, so do not strain just keep practicing.

Step 1 - relax

  1. Stand up or lay down with legs positioned wide.
  2. Relax your whole body.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Take a deep breath and relax some more.
  5. Keeping your eyes closed focus upon relaxing your penis - just letting it hang.
  6. Relax all tension in your anus as you continue to breathe in and out slowly.
  7. Now feel all the tension in the whole area between your anus and penis relax.
  8. With each 'In Breath' keep relaxing all these muscles.

Step 2 - stretch out

  1. Continue to relax your pelvic floor muscles with each 'In Breath' as you very gently try and push your anus away from penis and up to your tail bone.
  2. At the same time, try and push your penis up and away from your anus, becoming aware of the area in between becoming stretched out.
This is one way to relax and focus upon the feelings as you aim to almost push your penis out.

Step 3 - gently breathe into a balloon

  • Staying focussed on all the above - Imagine you are gently forcing out a stream of urine, or blowing air into a balloon at the base of your penis.

  • Do not use any other part of your body - relax everything.
  • initially it will be a very subtle movement that you will be able to increase with practice.

  • Take your time, relax your whole body.
  • Step 4 - blow the balloon up or pump blood into your penis

    1. Imagine you're penis is a balloon.
    2. Try and blow this balloon up.
    3. Use a mixture of sustained effort and short pulses.
    4. As you get use to this feeling visualise extra blood being pumped into your penis.
    5. Your penis may start to become thicker.
    6. Never hold your breath – always breathe normally.
    7. Do not strain.
    8. instead of pumping air into the balloon, you're almost pumping the blood into your penis

    Step 5 - pulsing and holding

    As you do all the above:

    1. Focus upon the other end of the pelvic floor and also push your anus up to your tail bone.
    2. Use a mixture of short sharp contractions and holds, so that you are pulsing the muscles.
    3. Take your time to enjoy the different feelings that all these movements can bring.
    4. Do not strain – more of a sensation rather than movement.

    What you can notice

    • You should feel/imagine your whole undercarriage being stretched out almost flat.
    • Your penis should start to swell and become more engorged with blood – with practice you will gain an erection at will.
    • Your glans can become bigger.
    • Your penis will become thicker.
    • You can at will gain the beginnings of an erection even when not aroused - purely through the exercise.
    • It can give some great sensations within your body.

    In Time

    This along with the other exercise seem to add definition to the penis, and make it seem bigger. This exercise can make the penis thicker when flaccid.


    Never strain and never do this exercise on it's own – always in conjunction with the others to give balance to your pelvic floor muscles.

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