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A Winchester Personal Trainer Like No Other!

There are probably not any other Winchester Personal trainers that offer the service I do.

Winchester Personal TrainerPaul, a mature personal trainer

About a Winchester Personal Trainer

I developed quirky training to help me look as good as I can for my age – gone are the days when I can just do a few exercises.  I now have to do so much more to fight the ageing process - but I don't have enough time to always do the conventional - so Quirky Training has provided the solution.  It evolved from experience and research to find the most effective ways to improve my body (All natural, nothing too weird - everything in moderation).

Easy to Fit into Your Life

Once you're familiar with the training, the workouts can be done anywhere, some exercises can even be done whilst stuck in a traffic jam, however exercise is just 1/5 of the training.

A Winchester personal trainer with Quirky Training

This Personal Training aims to change your lifestyle. It is a totally different service to most Winchester Personal trainers offer. I will meet with you as often as required - to help you start living a really healthy lifestyle and ensure you enjoy it.

Why Quirky Training Gives Superior Results

For example if you make yourself go to the gym when tired – your stress levels will be elevated and a lot of your good work can be undone. In order for our body to adapt and grow stronger it needs to be in 'normal mode'. If it is in stress mode it will divert all it's energy into getting ready to fight or flight, instead of building and repairing. Quirky training allows you to exercise when you want – when you have time and are in the right frame of mind. No equipment is needed.

This flexibility also ensure Quirky Training is sustainable. All new exercise regimes or healthy lifestyles have to be continued with - otherwise the results will fade. Quirky Training will be something that you want to continue with due to all the improvements it gives you.

Five Times The Chance of Great Results

Other benefits of a Winchester personal Trainer with Quirky training are so many - due to the five different aspects that are used - to help you get the body want. All the different aspects help to maximise the results of the other. This is really important as unless you are in your early twenties the results that you can expect to get from just exercise alone are limited.  Exercise will only do so much and the effects can really be enhanced by what you do and do not consume. There are some foods that help, some that hinder – gradually changing the balance of these will help you improve your body more and more.

Using Your Mind

Quirky Training uses your mind as much as your body. Your mind needs to be utilised - due to the extra power in your muscles that can be gained - just from focus. This focus is in a form of mindfulness that can also be used to help you manage any stress in your life.

The Training

This training is given as much as you require to help you change your lifestyle which can then be maintained with support from myself via telephone, email or text. This service is all about empowering you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Quirky Personal Training in Winchester

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