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Naked Training Introductory Session

for men.

naked personal trainer with free introductory session for nude personal trainingGradually get more Naked as the training progresses! See if you like Naked Personal Training??

Naked Training Intro Session is Free.... giving you the chance to try a new fitness experience.

Gradually get naked!

The  idea of nude exercise can be exciting, but can also for some be a little scary.

Either way this introductory session gives you the chance to see if this unique type of training is for you.

What You Can Try

  • A whole range of different exercises
  • Exercising in your underwear (optional - we can be clothed)
  • A personal training session with me to see if you like it!

What you'll get

  • Assessment of your body fitness
  • A totally unique personal training session
  • The chance to ask questions about how I can help you

Exercise Totally Naked

We can be naked for the last few minutes so that you can see what it's really like.

Working Out Clothed

Want to come and see me for the specialist personal training, but want to stay clothed? No Problem!

Coming for a Free intro training session/assessment

 Free Intro only: weekdays 8-5

 This free introductory session is available at private gym/fitness studio in Bedford, weekdays 8am to 5 pm.  All men of any age are welcome. Venue details

Free Intro plus A Personal Training Session combined: All days/hours

If you did want either the Specialist Personal Training Session or the Naked Personal Training Session tagged on to this free intro session, I'm always happy to do evenings or weekends.

Trying out a few exercises in your underwear.

A workout in your underwear?

We can try a whole range of different exercises, depending upon what you want to gain from the session. Plus we'll do a few simple test exercises to establish your current fitness levels.

Telling me what you want to gain from personal training.

Whilst working out we'll have a chat about you and how you can best gain, whatever it is you want to gain!

The option to get naked

As the 30 minute intro session draws to the end, I'll ask if you'd like to try it naked for the last few minutes!

Decide if you'd like to come again for a proper naked training session.

There is no pressure to book any more sessions with me, see how you feel!

Enjoyable, relaxed, informative...

Find Out More About Naked Training

If you're interested to find out more about the personal training I offer - just answer these few questions below  and I'll reply back with some options for training times.

Enquire about your free intro session here...

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Keeping Your Clothes On

An Introduction to Specialist Personal Training

 This intro session gives you the chance to find out more about the specialist training that I give. There is no need to take our clothes off as I also regularly carry out clothed personal training.

No Obligation

The whole point of this introduction to clothed or naked training is to see how I can help you - to see if it is right for you. There is no pressure to book a session, I will leave it entirely up to you!

Range of Exciting exercises you can try (Choose as many as you wish):

  • Bodyweight exercises - that involve no equipment, you can do anywhere

  • Weights - just standard free-weights for targetting specific muscles

  • Resistance Bands - give tension to your workout

  • Joint exercises we do together - a fun way to exercise that is guaranteed to get you laughing! But don't be fooled - these can be intensive!

  • Exercise Ball Exercises - all about the balance!

  • Flexibility - ensuring you stay injury free!

  • Boxing - nothing serious but it does give a great workout, releases tension and boosts testosterone!

  • Plyometric - fast powerful movements that really stress the muscles and make them stronger! and fast! (This does come with a warning: can result in much aching the next day) But an ache means the muscle is building and so it is a good ache!
  • Posture Control/Improvement - For normal life and the gym - ensures you not only look good in everyday life but also have the correct posture for exercise so that you target the correct muscles, support your joints and do not strain any part of your body.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is really exciting - seeing our body respond and improve in many different and sometimes unexpected ways. This Naked Training intro session gives you the chance to find out how.

If you have an y questions then please feel free to get in touch.