Naked Personal Training For Men Only

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Training Nude - All about developing your mind/body connection for some great health & fitness

A Whole New Dimension To Working Out

Strip away the layer of clothes and we remove the barrier between us and our body. This may sound dramatic, but being naked makes such a big difference and allows us to really 'tune in' to our body.When this happens we are connected like never before, and when exercising we feel individual muscles in our body working. This feeling is a deep feeling that can then also develop into different sensations. These feelings and sensations deep within our body are further accentuated by actually seeing and touching the different parts of our body - we really can get into the zone, reinforcing the exercise - bigger muscles/less fat connection! The more our mind is subjected to this connection, the more we will want to do the exercise for the bigger muscles/less fat and to the great sensations and feelings, which all leads to greater health & happiness.  This extra dimension is so valuable, fine tuning the exercise to really work and improve the bits we want, exercise at a higher intensity and feel more alive!. The greater the intensity - the greater the results.

Naked Personal Training - proven to increase confidence and testosterone.

Max fitness gains by channelling an exciting freedom and sense of liberation into your workout.

Naked Personal Training is a powerful combination.

Nude workouts give total focus upon your body - to really target specific muscles and improve your body shape, health, your happiness in one single session!

This training tends to encourage an excitement. This can sometimes lead to erections.....

...BUT!   here's what you should know.......

We get erections for all sorts of reasons and if either of us does get an erection it may be for different reasons:

  • a sexual energy
  • an excitement
  • a deeper connection to your whole body
  • or a reaction to exercise - certain muscle contractions can cause erections to occur.

Whatever the reason for an erection we will channel the feelings this gives you into giving you a great workout, however .....

No sexual situations ever take place - however I do encourage a sexual energy - but within you - as this is all about you, not me. it is all about you maximising your fitness and well being.

Want to Try Naked Personal Training?

A Representation of Naked Personal Training

This video is shot from my mobile - deliberately to give low resolution - to simulate the effect of training naked, where we do not study each others body as we can in video - human behaviour is such that we focus more upon body language and function - not muscles. This is what I am trying to demonstrate. 

Just to be clear (so that no one is ever disappointed)

I may encourage a sexual energy.... but no sex takes place - this is just health & fitness training done different!

That is why it is ideal for straight men also - you may be naked with another man, and even erect, but know that this can be due to an excitement (not necessarily a sexual excitement) so just embrace the feeling - knowing that no sex ever takes place. Just enjoy a deeper connection to all parts of your body.

No Sexual Energy!

You may just want conventional fitness just with the freedom to do it naked!

Erections may not happen

I tend to not get them as I am too busy getting to know you, your body and formulating your session to give you the best time - in getting some great fitness gains. 

Equally even though you feel an excitement - you may not get an erection for many reasons

Heightened Senses

Strip off your clothes and it really is just you and your body - no barriers and no distractions - giving a deeper connection that leads to heightened senses and total focus.  This focus that comes with Naked Exercise will get you results and happiness!

naked personal trainer showing butt and backNaked personal training using weights or bodyweight exercises - superior fitness results

Venues for UK Naked Personal Training

  • London: London Training Room for Exciting and Challenging Bodyweight Workouts
  • Mobile: London, Bedford & GB Imaginative, challenging bodyweight exercise. Your Hotel Room, Your Place of Work, anywhere where we'll have privacy.
  • Bedford: Private Bedford Gym for the conventional & Unconventional

A different health & fitness Experience

Naked personal training is a professional health and fitness service, to celebrate your body, and gain a focussed mind/body connection that is superior to when we are clothed. This can really provide a boost of enthusiasm and knowledge about your body which all leads to greater results. This training is all about enjoying your health & fitness experience. I do offer some services that may help you improve your sex life - such as erection training, which paradoxically does not have to involve gaining an erection, as we are strengthening the body systems that support an erection. However if you do get an erection during any part of the training this is no problem.  Erections sometimes do happen and can occur due to different sensations from exercising with no clothes or due to sexual energy. Sometimes a sexual energy can be present, you just never know how you are going to feel, if it does it can be channelled into your workout for even an even greater fitness experience that will lead to greater results. I am a health professional and a fitness instructor just offering you a different fitness experience, but this is a professional health & fitness service - as opposed to a sex service, Therefore i am happy to channel any sexual energy into your workout to give you an exciting fitness experience, bit it is a fitness experience - as opposed to a sex service!

Feelings & Senses Heightened

General exercises provide general results and whilst we are all so similar - in subtle ways we respond to exercise differently. Naked Personal Training allows us to determine exactly how our body responds. This can happen with or without clothes but generally the feelings and senses are heightened when we are naked which allows us to really assess what works for your body and what doesn't. The awareness of our muscles working has been proven to produce superior results. No hi tech equipment means our sole focus is upon our muscles and our feelings and make us really appreciate our body like never before.

Nude Exercise Will Make You Happy and Healthy!

Naked personal training will make us happier, and further improves our body image and self esteem plus give you greater life satisfaction - these are all the proven benefits of being naked with others (details at bottom of page). The health benefits to our mind and body from exercise are well known, and when these two are combined a really powerful effect can be realised.  You can learn so much about your own particular body - by just taking the time out to look upon your body differently and really appreciate what it is achieving. This appreciation can allow us to further develop and enhance the results from our exercise and workout routine simply by changing posture and really feeling the differences in our body.

Proven Benefits Of Naked

Being Naked With Others is Proven to give you so many benefits including:

....greater happiness

....improved self esteem

...greater life satisfaction

The effects of exercise are well known and when combined with all the naked benefits the effects are powerful - you'll get a fun workout that is effective in improving your body & your mental health. All possible from naked exercise training!

Naked Personal Training Options

The Benefits of Naked Personal Training

It seems to be one of those things that isn't discussed much, yet if it helps us exercise more - perhaps the benefits should be shouted out a bit more!  Exercising nude helps us get fitter, become healthier, proven to improve confidence plus make us happy. You may want to get totally naked or partially naked - whatever you like is fine by me. Just give it a try. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me anything. You can contact me here or just click below to find out even more about the Fun & Exciting Naked Personal Training!

Nude Session Itinerary

Welcome: Tea, coffee or cold drink Chat to find out what you would like to improve about your health & fitness. 

Fitness Assessment: See what your body is capable of!

Individualised Fitness Workout to Really Enjoy Getting Fit

Then for future...

Optional Online Individualised Training/Diet Plans

Training Methods You Can Choose on the day


  • Free Weights.
  • Resistance Bands.
  • Exercise Ball Exercises - challenging!
  • Boxing - nothing serious a workout - using different positions to a boxer!


  • Bodyweight Exercises - no equipment.
  • Bodyweight exercises - more adventurous.
  • Partner Bodyweight exercises!
  • Mindfulness - in the zone!
  • Plyometric - fast powerful movements.
  • High Intensity Interval Training

Other Options:

  • Easy ways to get fit
  • Effective 1 minute exercises
  • Flexibility
  • Erection Training - look after all of your body.
  • Lifestyle change made sexy
  • Confidence Boosting Workout
  • or anything else I can help with.

Naked Personal Training Options

  1. UK Gay Personal Training
  2. 90 Mins Naked Personal Training

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