Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Naked Personal Training Free Your Body & Mind

A new fitness dimension...

Naked personal training means inspiration to reset your mindset - or your body.

Naked Personal Training in form of Naturist Fitness Experience gives total focus upon your body and your health, and being an exciting fitness experience - will give you happiness too.

Benefits of Nudity

Nudity with strangers actually gives us more confidence and more testosterone! This increased testosterone not only makes you feel great but boosts the effects of your workout, helping muscles strengthen and fat to reduce! Working out with me naked will give you this proven effect. Plus, a possible sexual energy during the personal training session that can be harnessed for Serious Fitness Gains

Naked Personal Training -  A few Training Aims

  • Body Shape
  • Strength
  • Health
  • Lose fat
  • Fitness
  • Improve Confidence
  • Virility
  • Making Lifestyle Change exciting
  • A reset.

  Naked Personal Training Options

Range of Exciting Exercises - you can try as many as you wish:

  • Bodyweight exercises - no equipment, you can do anywhere - to strengthen particular muscles you want.
  • Joint Bodyweight exercises - we do together using each other's body for support or resistance.
  • Fast & Powerful - bodyweight and movement that stress the muscles, make them stronger! and fast! Tough but rewarding
  • Flexibility - ensuring you stay injury free and look youthful!
  • Mindfulness/Mind-body connect - get into the zone with some gentle exercise to develop mind/body connection.
  • Posture Control/Improvement - look confident, youthful and relevant in everyday life. 

Training Aims

Body Shape

Sculpt and change your body shape. There's limits set by our genes – so we cannot compare ourself to others, instead imagine the benefits you would like to see in the context of your particular body. The length of time it takes for you to see results is very individual. There are three main body types and we can have varying amounts of these or just one. This means are predisposed to a certain shape, but within certain parameters we can improve. For example my body type is such that I am never going to be really muscular and it does take a lot for me to see results, but I know I have to accept this and I work with it, I cannot compare myself to others with a different body type. Sometimes we don't know how our body will respond to training until we try – some people are very lucky and can see results very quickly.

If body shape issues are as a result of excess fat - a two fold approach can really work well, to lose fat but also build and strengthen the underlying muscles. This provides a greater framework and shape for the fat that can appear to be significantly reduced due to the extra definition provided by the strengthened muscle.


Strength for a particular task can be improved. Any part of your body can be strengthened in order to achieve something that you need to. Whilst the focus can be on a specific area of your body, there is still a need to ensure we train your whole body to some extent as no part of your body works in isolation.


We're always being told to exercise for better health. But with so many forms of exercise, and sometimes what seems to be conflicting advice on what is best, it really can be difficult to know what you should be doing: walking, running, or lifting weights? The answer always is the same - It depends upon what you want to achieve and what aspect of your health you are wanting to improve. If it's an improvement in general health - then it is always good to do a whole variety of exercises, that will target all different areas of your body. A range of illnesses and chronic conditions can be managed very successfully with specific exercise and small lifestyle changes. so you know you're safe: I'm GP Exercise Referral Qualified, with an NHS Medical background, Uni trained.

Lost Fat

The easiest way to reducing fat is to really understand yourself – what are your weaknesses – your triggers. I will get to know a bit about you and together we will have a great plan for you – for the rest of your life. This may sound heavy going – but it needs to be sustainable otherwise the fat will just go back on. Personal Lifestyle Training is such that you will enjoy doing it for all the other benefits you experience. You will not just see fat loss but will also feel so much better with many other possible benefits that are individual to you, that you really will not want to go back. When this happens – your training has just become your new life – something that you can easily do every day and enjoy doing.


Improve your fitness so that you don't get out of breath so easily, increase your stamina or your ability to do certain tasks. The exercises needed to achieve either of these will be very different, so if you have specific improvements you'd like to gain, make sure you give me as much information as possible to ensure we get the right exercises for you. There also many different types to choose from, so I'll be asking about what you enjoy, then you'll be more likely to do them regularly.

Depending upon the results you want - 1 minute of the right exercise may help you get fit quicker than a whole hour of the wrong exercise. It can be possible to get fit in as little as a few minutes every day. It is all too easy to just do standard exercises. Sometimes these may work but sometimes a different exercise or doing it in a different way really can help get the results you want.  There are so many different exercises out there - but they should all be seen as a way to stimulate your body to make an improvement. This is where exercise is no different to medication. You need to be on the right medication to gain a response

Improve Confidence

Exercise is proven to help confidence and will help you feel good about yourself. The power that exercise has upon the mind has also been demonstrated in many different studies such as for depression, so there is a clearly an established link.  Even if you don't like exercise – I can make it enjoyable for you – there is something that you will enjoy doing that will give you some benefits. There are also many other aspects of Training that you could consider trying such as: diet which can help regulate hormone levels (which can have a powerful effect), cutting out any bad things, stress management and other aspects such as mindfulness can help so much.

What will work for you will totally depend upon your personality, which means I will have to get to know quite a bit about you - but one thing is for sure specific exercise and other mind training can definitely help you improve your confidence.

 Naked Personal Training - The Naturist Fitness Experience 

Natural & Healthy!

Making Lifestyle Change Exciting

We'll use all the five parts of my unique Personal Training to get you the body improvements that you want. This means results 5 times as quick and 5 times as good - as all parts work together to improve your body.  Exercise on its will do something - but doing as many of the other parts as possible will help.

Virility, Longevity & Vanity

Feel free to discuss any aspect of these with me any time.

A Specialist Trainer

A unique range of training from a specialist personal trainer (Experienced & Qualified nurse, Medically trained at University, Experienced & qualified gym instructor and Personal trainer, plus a mature trainer understanding the pressures of life!)

Naked Personal Training Frees Your Body & Mind from the constraints of society for a few hours, to immerse yourself in the Naturist Fitness Experience UK

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