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Nude Personal Training, Naturist Workout Thoughts?

It's great for mind and body, healthy and natural!

Nude Personal Training will actually boost your confidence!


Paradoxically being naked for a training session will definitely help boost your confidence and self esteem

(even afterwards - when you're back fully clothed)

Daunting or Exciting or both!

You may find being naked with others the most natural thing in the world – or like I was when I first started: you may like the idea but be very apprehensive. If so, there are a few helpful thoughts that will help you gain all the benefits that a nude workout has to offer.

Things That Can Erode Our Body Confidence

Negative body image and low confidence can be as a result of social media and media in general that drip feeds us images of the perfect life and the perfect body – but as previously discussed how real are these images. Often they are pictures achieved through some fairly extreme measures and are totally unrealistic. But none the less can affect us all. But we need to be strong and a totally surprising and proven way to help us become more body confident is to be naked with strangers or in the case of personal training that stranger is – me

However I will not be a stranger for long as in a way we will get to know each other quite well, and a bond can develop. This can be quite special as I don't get naked with my friends and so in a strange kind of way you will know me better than my friends!

 A Thought:

When you are naked with me in a training situation, you automatically have something in common with me that is fairly unusual. This means you don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed about anything. We have a shared understanding of something that is unfamiliar to most people in our society, so there’s no need to explain or make sense of it.

Many of us have body concerns, I certainly do, but ironically when in a nude training session I find the concerns drift away as they are overpowered with this shared experience that we are doing something different that is not generally accepted by wider society. This can develop into a bond where a few body concerns are meaningless, but even if they do linger it can be useful to remember that the person you are naked with also may have similar concerns and will not be critical. This helps provide us with motivation to improve our body or to learn to accept it just the way it is.

How Nude Personal Training Can Help Your Body Confidence

These feelings about our body, that are provoked from being nude with a stranger, also transfer to everyday life, and really help our confidence not just when naked but when in normal situations. This is demonstrated in a study that found participation in nude events leads to increased life satisfaction, brought about by increased confidence and self esteem.

Therefore a nude training session will help with any body image concerns and low self esteem, due to either seeing others naked or being seen by others or a combination of both. However the study suggests that this increased confidence was found to be almost immediate after the naked event had taken place, and seeing others naked can help more than being seen by others. Therefore seeing me naked and seeing my flaws may just help you, as being a personal trainer I compare myself to others and always feel I should look great – but I don't, I just look okay - there's room for improvement. But I'm happy with my body, and maybe this may make you happy, when you see I am far from perfect but that I'm okay with my body.

All the images at this site are of me – but remember what I was talking about choosing the best ones – whilst they were self taken on my phone, I did have to take a few and choose the better ones!

Feel free to ask any questions about booking a nude personal training session with me. One thing that may be bothering you about a nude personal training session: getting an erection

some of the above text (inspired by the natural philosopher)