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Erection-Emotion-Excitement Link, Naturist Fitness


The erection-emotion-excitement link is strong, and can perhaps be understood better during the Naturist Fitness Experience where conditions exist that can lead to random or spontaneous erections.

But Aroused in what way?

This arousal may be due to: you finding the Naturist Fitness Experience exciting, due to a liberating effect or simply from your enhanced mind-penis connection, in a different way to normal and all the many emotions this can evoke.

There are many reasons why either of us may get an erection and you should not worry as it is just our body doing what it does, but....

An erection does not mean we want sex?

There are many reasons for an erection and whilst sometimes it can be due to sexual arousal, an erection can also occur due to becoming aroused in many different ways – ranging from feeling excited and free, in a liberating way, right through to feeling relaxed. The penis is more than just a sexual organ.

There is also another response to add to the list of reasons for an erection – a reflex response, in which we can gain an erection purely through tactile stimulation. No thoughts or emotions are required – in fact the brain plays no part in this kind of erection – it can happen purely as a result of your penis flapping around or touching various parts of your body in different ways during naked exercise. This is a perfectly normal reaction and is known as the reflex arc.  This article does suggest that all aspects of sex can be thought of as a series of reflexes, as a result of different inputs. In a naked personal training session there can be so many different inputs that it is not surprising there may be the odd flicker!

There is a localised reflex that literally just happens locally- as a result of the sensation of touch, the nerves that generate this response are not controlled by any sexual thoughts from your brain – it is just a bodily response that does not involve conscious thought. It is similar to the knee reflex.

Your penis is so much more than a sexual organ - a barometer of your emotions and an erection can have a lot to do with sexual arousal or maybe nothing to do with sexual arousal but one thing's for sure - the erection-emotion link is strong!

What an erection during the Naturist Fitness Experience may show.

The likelihood of you experiencing this erection-emotion link, through tactile stimulation in a naked personal training session, is high - due to all the movement associated with it.  The erection process however is very complex and even though an initial response to tactile stimulation can result in the beginnings of an erection, that is not under control of conscious thought, this response can soon be dampened down by conscious thought, by any feelings of anxiety or due to intense exercise. Conversely if you're happy and relaxed, this reflex response may not be dampened, and an erection can result. But, it is not necessarily an indicator that you want to do anything with your ever growing erection : it may simply mean  you're not anxious and enjoying your body being free to express itself!

 Perhaps gaining an erection during a personal training exercise session could be viewed as an indicator of your mental health, as well as your physical health: to show that we you not anxious, but relaxed in your own skin and can enjoy giving your body and mind what it needs to be healthy. However this won't put undue pressure upon you to gain the makings of an erection - as I like to think my health is all okay now - yet sometimes I will not gain an erection purely due to being preoccupied with the best format of your personal training session which can suppress the erection-emotion link.

The Erection-Emotion Link

I think this helps to demonstrate that perhaps your penis should not be thought of purely as a sexual organ, but also as a display of both your physical and mental health. An erect penis certainly should not be something to hide, as it can mean so much more than just being ready for sex. I think it can be a display of good emotions. As we all know, getting an erection when we are anxious is near impossible, therefore an erection during a personal training session at least shows we are relaxed and excited.. But the excitement may or may not be sexual, it could even be just a reflex.

If you do embark upon any training with me, I will remind you of this theory, so that there is no embarrassment if either of us should get an erection, as the erection-emotion link can be strong and should maybe even be welcomed?

A smile is a display of our feelings, and just because our penis is a sexual organ does not mean that when it smiles - it only concerns itself with sexual emotions - it can display a whole variety.

If nothing else a naked personal training session will help you will learn a bit more about your whole body and different responses.

If you get an erection...

If you did get an erection it is all about you enjoying making your body fitter, and that's it - it can happen to anyone for many different reasons (most of which are non sexual).