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Make Your Erection Harder

with the Naked Personal Trainer!

Penis Exercising really will make your erection harder

This exercise, plus penis exercise 1, are just two things out of 100 that can make your erection harder. I can show you all the others in a personal training session.

Feeling the contraction in our perineum helps increase the intensity - strengthening the muscles around our penis to make your erection harder!

Make Your Erection Harder plus other Benefits!

Muscles we're exercising - involved with many functions in genital region and you'll experience some unexpected benefits!

All you have to remember is - The harder you squeeze you the harder you can  make your erection!

If you've been carrying out penis exercise 1 make your erection harder and even stronger - with Penis Exercise 2 below.  This will further strengthen the processes within your body that support an erection.

If you can do all of the following,
then you're ready for Penis Exercise 2

Just check you can do these:

1. When Going to the Loo

When you are urinating, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. You should be able to slow down or stop the stream momentarily.

2. Feel Your Anus Contract

Placing a fingertip on your anus - you should feel it close up really tight, and maybe slightly elevate. Then when you relax the contraction - you should also feel your anus relax.

3. Feeling The Contraction in Your Perineum

Place your fingertips on your perineum (area between scrotum and anus) as you do the penis exercise (the same movement as if to stop or slow down the stream of urine and stopping gas as you also pull up). You may feel the contraction anywhere from your anus to your scrotum, move your fingers around this whole area to detect a movement.

Different positions accentuate the movement. You may be more liable to feel something when you are totally relaxed and your knees close to your chest. Try different positions: standing, sitting, lying, squatting or when doing the abs exercises such as reverse curl. Also try sticking your bum out, pulling it in - experiment and see what works for you!

4. Seeing Your Penis Move.

If you can't do any of the above...

Then the following exercise will not work for you yet. Keep practising with the Penis Exercise 1 and very soon the contraction will become stronger so that you can feel it. 

Penis Exercise 2 to Really Make Your Erection Harder!

Once you are sure you're exercising the correct muscles and have been carrying out Penis Exercise 1, this exercise will add to the intensity to really make your erection harder.


  1. Relax the rest of your body and just contract the muscles as in penis exercise 1 (perineum/pelvic floor muscles) – make sure your thighs and buttocks are relaxed.
  2. Don't hold your breath – just breathe normally.
  3. If you feel an ache then stop. Don't put too much pressure on your perineum - the aim is to just get feedback by feeling the muscle contraction. 
  1. Adopt a sitting position
  2. Curl your fingers up
  3. Position your curled up hand on the chair, raise your body up slightly, so that you can slide your hand in to touch your perineum (the area between anus and scrotum).
  4. Your finger tips or top knuckle joint should be located just under your scrotum.Your middle knuckle joint near to your anus.
  5. You will almost be sitting on your curled up hand.
  6. Sit up straight and you should feel your hips tip forward, which will push your perineum into your fingers even more.
  7. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. You should feel this muscle contract under your fingers. If you don't just position your fingers differently, or try putting your hand further under your body, closer to your anus. Also try: tipping your hips forward more whilst further straightening your back, or reducing the pressure by relaxing your hips and back.
  8. Position your hand so that as you squeeze hard you can feel the movement as much as possible. If you can't feel it straight away just check you are using the correct muscle. If you are: keep practising and you should soon feel something.
  9. Ensure you do not put too much pressure on your perineum - the aim is to just get feedback by feeling the muscle contraction. Relax your entire body and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as hard as you can. 
  10. Relax momentarily and then squeeze even harder - hold for a few seconds and release. 
  11. Repeat this 5-10 times or whatever feels right for you. Imagining your upper body rocking backwards as you squeeze really hard and forwards on the relaxation phase will help focus the intensity.

Then relax for a period of time and when ready:

  1. Repeat exactly as above but don't hold the contraction - instead just squeeze as hard as you can and immediately release.
  2. Do this very quickly so that you are almost pulsing your pelvic floor muscle.
  3. Continue for as long as you can. Initially aim for 10 seconds and gradually increase up to 1 minute over the coming months/years.

Try it naked for increased feedback.

Men Pelvic Floor ExerciseCurl Fingers Up
Position into perineum and squeeze pelvic floor muscle as hard as you can.

The muscles that we are exercising in all the penis exercises are commonly referred to pelvic floor muscles.

The harder you squeeze you the harder you make your erection!

If you ever need any motivation to squeeze those muscles even harder or longer - just think about how it will make your erection harder.

If you still don't feel anything don't worry keep practising - but don't overdo it. Just check you are squeezing the right muscle.

If you do feel it:

Squeeze as forcefully as you can and alternate between:

  • short pulses (squeezing hard and quickly releasing) 
  • holding forcefully for up to 30 seconds or as long as you can.

Rest for a few minutes in between different techniques.

Also try:

Squeezing as hard as you can, hold for 1 second and try and squeeze just a touch more and then release. (This will really stimulate the muscle and in turn begin to make your erection harder)


The right intensity is generally when you feel you can squeeze no more, after squeezing as hard as you can, holding for a second and releasing for anything between 10 and 30 times. If you are feeling the muscle is fatigued and struggling to contract as hard as the first one then you have probably done enough. (Sometimes the fatigue effects are not felt immediately but a few minutes after)

If you can do a lot more than 30 squeezes, this then it may be due to the muscle not being fatigued enough due to not contracting and pulling up hard enough. If the muscle is not fatigued enough, it will not be stimulated enough to adapt and improve. Feeling your perineum and the contraction will help you to focus upon the intensity and help you squeeze that bit more.

If you don't feel it

Just check you are squeezing the right muscle.  Don't be despondent - you're still doing some good. Blood flow and muscle tone will be improved. There will still be many benefits for you and the chances are that each time you do it you'll make your erection harder - even if just a little bit.

Making Your Erection Harder as you make your muscles stronger by squeezing them harder and harder!

The muscles that we are exercising in all the penis exercises are commonly referred to pelvic floor muscles.

When you Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles (the muscles that we are using in all the penis exercises) you are improving muscle tone that is directly related to erection quality.

Improving Blood flow to the genital region.

When you exercise these specific muscle as in the penis exercises (aka pelvic floor muscles) they also increase blood flow to the whole genital region, improving the circulation and bringing other long term benefits for the penis. You will be doing your whole body some good and the chances are you will even if by a very small amount be helping to make your erection harder.

Penis Exercising really will make your erection harder

This exercise, plus penis exercise 1, are just two things out of 100 that can make your erection harder. I can show you all the others in any of the following sessions.

Online erection Coaching

Erection Help, Support & Strengthening in any Personal Training Session.

Some things can be difficult to learn from an online guide - you just need to be shown some different techniques, to gain more control.

Plus what works for one may not for another. A specialist personal training session with me can help you find out what will work for you, and show you how to easily master some effective techniques to strengthen your erection.

If you live in the UK just one session can show you how to make your erection harder - so no matter where you live you can get the benefits of this specialist personal training! 

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