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Be Body Confident: Just Get Naked?

A proven way to help us become more body confident is: to be naked with strangers or in the case of personal training – the stranger in this case is me!

naked personal trainer exercising

Naked Workout for Body Confidence!

It may sound odd but a naked workout may just help improve your chances of getting body confident.  A study published in the Journal of Happiness has demonstrated that being naked with others can improve our confidence and self esteem in both naked and clothed social situations.  Greater life satisfaction was reported among naturists and people that participate in clothing optional activities. Personal Training with me provides a great clothing optional activity!  An unforgettable experience to improve your body confidence!

Feel Good About Your Body With The Naked Personal Trainer

One of the biggest benefits to training naked with me - comes from the fact you will see my imperfect body.  A body that is hopefully in okay shape for my age, but I am not totally ripped as some may expect from a personal trainer. This may actually help you appreciate your body even more and feel good about it. Being naked with an imperfect personal trainer, that does not bow to the pressures of society and is happy with his body, can therefore definitely help you. 

All Our Body's are Amazing!

We should appreciate our body for all that it does and how it functions.

How The Naked Personal Trainer Can Help with Body Image

Accepting Our Body Type: A personal trainer without a 'perfect body' may be able to help you more.

Appreciate Your Body Even More

I can help you improve your body: to look good, youthful and strong - but it is important to know what is achievable. This is down to our genes, and any unreal expectations from society or social media, you can learn to ignore, whilst developing a greater appreciation for your own body.  We shouldn't become obsessive over any particular aspect of our body as that is not always healthy for our mind. The focus of this individualised personal training is to healthily gain the full potential of what your body has to offer. Sit down and deteriorate, move and grow strong!

Keeping it all in balance

It can be easy to obsess about training and having the perfect body, but ironically this can be counter-productive to happiness. Some people can experience lower self esteem as their body shape improves. This is not always true, but is something to be aware of, so my training is all about keeping everything in balance, and ensuring that everything you do is for you and your long term health.

Things That Can Erode Our Body Confidence

In this world of social media there are so many of us that can fall victim to the comparison game – where we continually compare our lives and bodies to others. However the reality is we are comparing ourselves to a falseness – people who brag about how wonderful their lives are cannot be that happy otherwise they'd be just enjoying themselves! Often I wonder if they are trying to convince themselves.

The Comparison Game is No Good

I sometimes fall victim to the comparison game – comparing my body and lack of muscles to others. Yet, this is mad as I am often comparing my body to guys that have chosen the best picture out of 100's. Just standing in the correct way with a perfected pose can make us all look better, then a slight tense of our muscles helps with definition, the correct camera angle really helps – all to be finished with lighting that can accentuate certain characteristics and really define body shape. This is very different to how we look at ourselves in the mirror, when we may not be standing with our perfected pose in the best light. The lengths that some guys go to in the pursuit of body beautiful is extreme and not that healthy either. The ironic thing is that a some of these guys we may compare ourselves to have low body confidence themselves, for all sorts of reasons, that I dare not get into. But we can all improve our body confidence simply by becoming unclothed more often!

Negative body image and low confidence can be as a result of social media and media in general that drip feeds us images of the perfect life and the perfect body – but as previously discussed how real are these images. Often they are achieved through some fairly extreme measures and are totally unrealistic. But none the less these unrealistic pictures can have an affect on us all.  But we need to be strong and a totally surprising and proven way to help us become more body confident is to be naked with strangers or in the case of personal training – a stranger – me!

Looking Good - Keeping It Real!

Wanting a fit, healthy body, is all good but that's it - everything in moderation is the key, otherwise in the pursuit of the 'perfect body' we may just put other aspects of our health at risk, both physical and mental health. A personal trainer without a 'perfect body' may be able to help you  appreciate your body even more!

More About Keeping It Real

Personal Training to Become Body Confident

I will ensure you are always at ease during the personal training session. I am a former nurse and totally use to doing this and use to helping you connect to your body in a deeper level to really appreciate it's functions and your your health.

We can start to get you more body confident in any of the three personal training sessions below. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.