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Accepting Our Body Type to ensure realistic goals

Body type talk may be the best way to start any fitness regime!  Using myself as an example to help you accept your body type - whatever that is. I'm a personal trainer - not naturally muscular, slim built. All the training in the world will never make me any different! 

Accepting Our Body Type

There are three main body types:

  • Thin and tall
  • Rounder and fatter,
  • Muscular and athletic.

There are personality traits that also go with these physical characteristics and you can be just one type, or a mixture of two or even all three.

It is important to know this and accept your body type, otherwise you can become demotivated and frustrated, especially if your body appears different to others. We have to work with what our genes give us.

Confidence with Your Body

We need to accept our body type and feel confident with our body. Our body type is set by our genes and we have to work with this,

Personal Training with Me

Within the first minute of meeting you I'll have an idea of what body type(s) you may be. This will help get the right exercises for you and help you to realise some realistic gains. I can give you an idea of what you can expect and what you can't. This makes your whole training process so much easier - making sure that you don't chase unrealistic goals and become demotivated with lack of progress. Instead you will gradually learn to accept what is and is not possible for you! You may be lucky and have an athletic muscular body type, but if not at least you'll know I understand how you feel!

How my Body Type can help you

There are some trainers out there that in the past, I will admit to being jealous of, due to them having a fantastic body - whose muscles seem to increase in size so easily. Yet as I have got older, I realise I have had to work so hard to get what I have, that it has taught me some great unusual techniques - to help with the hard slog of staying in shape. More importantly however it has helped me understand the battle that many others also face, which helps me really understand and help all sorts of body types.

From a personal point of view

Why comparisons are no good.

My body is not naturally muscular and it takes an awful lot to define my muscles. I am a slim build and I have to constantly remind myself of this otherwise I can become demotivated when my muscles take so long to build. However, I cannot compare myself to the chiselled Adonis type body as this is something that will be impossible for me to achieve. I have to work with what I have and appreciate what I have. Age has helped me accept this.

As I have got older and I have to concentrate on health - and to not look past it, I just do not have the time or motivation to be obsessing over particular aspects of my body – so I do enough to keep in shape.

The Plus side

If it all came really easy – I would still probably be doing just conventional personal training and never developed the Lifestyle training that can help those of us that are not naturally muscular and athletic.

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