Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Personal Training - Making lifestyle Changes for Virility!

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This gives you 5 times the results - by using 5 different aspects.

What's Virility got to do with it...

it can motivate you to improve your lifestyle:

  • Think about your erection when making a food choice - Good food choices give greater blood flow and will start to improve your erection quality.  Plus fruit & veg can make you look even more attractive! (This is proven)
  • Want to feel more Virile? - different lifestyle measures will see an increase in your testosterone levels, more muscle, less fat, greater sex drive and increased confidence, all helping you look more attractive!
  • Boost your libido - Managing your stress will reduce your fat storage by altering your hormone levels - increasing testosterone and sexual drive.
  • Increase your testosterone easily - with some simple individual interventions and exercise. 

These are centred around increased testosterone - but think of how you were when you were 18 with all that testosterone.

Motivated to exercise:

  • A great motivator to train that bit harder - when you get the right exercise to increase blood flow and improve your erection quality you'll want to do it all the more.
  • Making your erection stronger - with specific exercise. What more of a motivator do you need! Erection training can strengthen the muscles that support your erection and make your whole body fitter.
  • The Naturist Fitness Experience adds an exciting dimension. as your mind is bombarded with a different range of inputs other than just your working muscles aching. (This arousal is due to the different fitness experience you are enjoying for yourself  - not anything between us)
  • Exercise will Improve Your virility - knowing what exercises will help what aspects - may be all the motivation you need!

Results Five Times as Good?

We'll use all the five parts of lifestyle Personal Training to get you the body improvements that you want. This means results 5 times as quick and 5 times as good - as all parts work together to improve your body.  Exercise on its will do something - but doing as many of the other parts as possible will help.

I'll help you fit exercise and healthy living into your everyday life and guarantee you'll love it. It really does enhance and boost any results we get from exercise and ideal if you want to do less exercising.

Your Whole Body

No part of our body works in isolation and whatever part or aspect of your body you wish to improve the results will be superior if all the processes that support the bodies functions are improved, as they all have a direct or indirect effect

Our whole body is supported by complex processes that are affected by exercise, diet, stress levels and what we consume. In short our lifestyle. If we change to a healthier lifestyle and combine this with exercise – you can be assured that your whole body is working to make you fitter, stronger and healthier than ever.

1. Body Fitness

No Equipment

Results are better when the focus of your training is upon the body, and the individual muscle we are wanting to strengthen, as opposed to the focus being on machines or just completing the exercise. When the focus is solely upon completing an exercise our body can develop cheats to get us there and the muscles that we really want to stimulate, may not be, as the body endeavours to complete the task. Switching focus onto the muscles and stimulating them then becomes the task, and our body will then work to fulfil this. It is for this reason that the personal training I carry out uses no equipment or exercises that are too complicated and therefore risk diverting our focus away from the real task - building and strengthening muscle. The individual muscles that you are wanting to strengthen can be stimulated through a combination of tensing the muscle, using bodyweight as resistance and anything that happens to be around. This makes for a very raw but powerful workout to stimulate the muscles in a variety of ways. If you really cannot complete an exercise due to the muscle failing to be able to do it any more then that really is the best result we could possibly have. It means this muscle has been stimulated and will grow stronger. No equipment encourages creativity. It doesn't matter how your muscles are stimulated - all that matters is that if they are stimulated often enough and to the right intensity they will grow stronger.

When failure can be good

It is less about completing the exercise more about stressing the target muscle. This is when we can really shape and strengthen our body how we want to. But in order to really do this well we need to use our mind to stop other muscles helping out and making the target muscle work. This does take practice but at least you know you will get a result.

No Excuses

No equipment also means you have no excuses. The exercises can be done anytime, anywhere - If you have a spare 5 minutes you can do the exercise and stimulate that muscle that you want to strengthen. You can devote a whole period of time to an exercise session - but if you have a busy life -  slotting in a few minutes here and there is possible for everyone and is something that you can build into your everyday life - forever!

Muscle Strengthening/Shaping

Probably the most crucial aspect - not only will strong and conditioned muscles help you to look good and become stronger - they really help your health too.  Some areas of your body can be trained more for vanity or strength reasons than others, but only to a point. If one part is weaker  it may be taking undue strain leading to aches, pains and injury. If we train and condition all areas of your body it will not let you down. There are many different ways that your muscles, tendons and ligaments can be strengthened - all put together can work brilliantly to improve your physique, strength and fitness.

For example:

if we neglect our ankle but focus upon building our buttocks there can be an imbalance. Our buttocks and lower back may be able to lift a great weight as can our ankle can when in the practised position.  But if we were to over balance,  our ankle may need to give additional support out of it's normal range - that it is not use to or and injury may result. It is always good to add a few different exercises into the mix just to ensure our body is adaptable.The classic example is also to over train the chest which can draw shoulders forward. It is therefore important to train opposing muscle groups to help prevent strain, improve posture and improve the overall result.

Less repetition, more difference will give you more of a result, and stop you getting bored!


Only carrying out repetitive exercises are,  not always a good thing. Just running is not always good.It will improve  stamina and fitness - but only in the limited ways that running stimulates the body. Muscles and tendons still need to be conditioned out of the normal range that running requires - to help assist the body as much as possible and prevent injury. If muscles, tendons and ligaments are all trained equally throughout the body they can help out when needed. If when we are running we were to stumble this may take our body out of it;s normal range of motion which if not trained for could result in injury.  Running can be the main focus, but it should really be supported with a general fitness workout to train the whole body.

2. Diet

Continue your workout in the kitchen or restaurant.

It's not always about eating less - but eating right!

What you eat, and not eat, has such a big impact upon your body. Eating the right foods can enhance everything we do in the gym, but eating the wrong foods may just render your workout ineffective.

Weight Management

Weight loss, is easier to accomplish through diet rather than working out, but both together work brilliantly.

  • Eating unprocessed food means you know what you're eating and it does not have lots of hidden sugar.
  • Eating low GI foods keep you fuller for longer and help stop snacking (porridge or flapjack with no added sugar/syrup but just fruit is great for this and it will helps our mood too!)
  • Everything in moderation and portion control! 

Get it right and you will feel so much better that you wont want to go back to an unhealthy diet, it really does have an influence upon how we feel. Don't lose muscle. If we were to just cut back on calories without proper consideration, there is a chance that muscle can be lost.  Eating the right foods, combined with some muscle conditioning will definitely prevent this from happening and ensure you have a good physique.


Eating the right foods will help accelerate your fitness plan and give better gains. For example sugar or lots of processed food can cause blood sugar spikes making us feel sluggish. Just eating slightly differently can prevent this allowing our body to function more consistently. This in turn helps us be more consistent and focussed upon our health and fitness targets.

There is a combination of foods that really can make us train harder and ensure our muscles are given what they need. The well publicised ones are spinach and beetroot but there are many more that can help us out - ensuring optimum blood flow and fat burning. There is no magic formula to this - just eat a balanced diet with lots more fruit and vegetables. This just happens to be the Mediterranean diet - which is easy enough to do once you decide to do it. It has been proven that eating the right foods can give us a natural glow - and make us more attractive!

3. Reducing The Bad Things

This is not as boring as it may sound - possible improvements that are worth keeping in mind, include harder erections and increased libido.

I'm not preaching here - small changes can make a big difference.

Reducing alcohol

Not necessarily stopping it - as some is very good at making us feel good - the power of which - should never be overlooked

More Testosterone = More Muscle

More Alcohol = Less Testosterone

Less testosterone = Less Muscle.

Reduced  alcohol = reduced workout time.

Alcohol reduces testosterone levels. Testosterone makes your body become stronger, is good for your libido and helps the erection process.

Everything in Moderation.


Could an Improvement in Erection Quality encourage you to stop smoking?

Smoking causes the artery walls to become clogged - implications for erection. Clogged arteries mean less blood flow to all parts of the body including the penis.

Smoking = Less Blood Flow

Less blood flow = less of an erection.

If you are suffering with the results already then all is not lost, there is every chance that things can be restored to normal.

Stop smoking and get turbo boost for your erection

4. Stress Management, Sleep + The FEEL GOOD FACTOR

The Feel Good Factor

I'm sure you know much already about the stress and sleep - but the feel good factor is so powerful.

There are many ways to get this. A couple of ways seem to (in my experience) universally apply to Males. Some are very individual and these can be discussed during your fitness session.

During your training session we can discuss stress/sleep if you feel it may help you. The following explains why it is important. But do't get bored reading this stuff - just know there is much we can do.


Sleep is a very underestimated tool in fitness. There is evidence that if we are sleep deprived, we tend to eat more unhealthy foods. If  we have exercised and stimulated the muscles  to strengthen, this happens when we are resting and sleeping and so we need to give our body adequate time.

More sleep = More Testosterone

More Testosterone = Body Improvements Made Easy

What can help you sleep more - so many different things/techniques available.


A stressful life can undo a lot of the good work carried out by practising all the other principles. Instead of concentrating upon maintaining optimum body functions - when we are stressed our body is preparing for danger and therefore focussed upon preserving our life - it is not worried about maintenance.

Our body reacts to Stress by releasing cortisol, a hormone which is really beneficial in short bursts as it raises blood pressure and stops any non essential processes such as reproduction in order that our body is prepared for the stress heading our way.

This is great for moments when we really need it so that we can run away from an attacker or danger but not good in the long term, as there is no maintenance being carried out and our body will start falling apart.

Increased stress = increased inflammation

Increased inflammation = increased risk of disease

Train to manage your stress and the rest of your training will reap the rewards. Your body will be able to focus upon maintaining itself, rather than fighting a non existent war.

5. Power of Your Mind

naked man with light coming from genitals and mind

For Virility

Your Mindset is the first thing that I'd like for us to work on. How does that sound to you? If that thought excites you - you could benefit from a coaching session with me.

For Motivation

If we are not in the correct mental state we tend to give up. This is so true for health and fitness training. If we are positive and motivated we tend to exercise more and eat better. If our mind is not in the right place then exercise stops and the healthy eating risks being replaced with chips and sugary chocolate.

To Enhance Muscle Building

Mindfulness even at the start of every session for 1 or 2 minutes helps us tune in to our body and connect with it. Then we can really get the most out of the workout. Mindfulness at the start of a session makes it more enjoyable, productive and effective.It allows us to focus upon the actual muscle that we want to strengthen. Total focus upon this muscle when carrying out an exercise is crucial. This ensures that we are working this muscle more than any others. Our body is very clever and will take short cuts to make things easier. if there are other muscles that can help out with the exercise then they will be used, rather than needlessly stressing the target muscle that may struggle to perform the task. yet this is exactly what we want - we need the target muscle to struggle. If it does then this muscle will adapt and improve. When we are tuned in to all parts of our body, we can focus upon the specific muscle that we want to target. It is less about completing the exercise more about stressing the target muscle. This is when we can really shape and strengthen our body how we want to.

You can also use your mind to give your muscles a workout at work or whilst in a traffic jam. You don't need to move - just use your mind and imagine the muscle working. It takes a bit of practice but has been proven to increase strength. This can reduce the time you actually need to spend exercising, More on Using the Power of Your Mind

To Reduce Stress

Mindfulness and even meditation is great for encouraging us to focus upon ourselves, even if we can do it for just 10 minutes a day the rewards can be immense. As well as help with general well being mindfulness has been can will help us remain youthful the science

For Men

I specialise in training men purely because there are not many trainers that cater for Men's Health Issues. There are so many personal issues that can affect men but they are rarely spoken about. Yet just like any other part of the body, all areas of the body can be trained to become healthier and stronger - especially the Mind, which controls Virility.