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Train Your Mind/Body Connection

naked man with light coming from genitals and mind

It all starts in the Mind – how you view your body and decide what to do to it – to abuse it or to appreciate it.

Why is it Important to Train Your Mind?

Your body is quite amazing - it will adapt in response to what you do to it. Train it and it will improve, abuse it and it will struggle to maintain all it's functions.

Your new hobby / interest / obsession / way of life!

Make training your new obsession - it may be easier than you think and will certainly give you more long term pleasure and happiness. The one thing that will stop you is your mind. Train your mind, as well as your body and you wont look back.

The Easy Way to Train Your Mind - to train your body.

Train your mind so that you actually want to change your lifestyle

  1. We will set a small body improvement target.
  2. When this is reached you'll be happy. You will feel a strong sense  of accomplishment combined with a renewed appreciation for your body: at how it will adapt according to how you train it.
  3. This feeling is so good that you will want to work towards completing another improvement, so as to sustain this feeling.
  4. This puts you in the right frame of mind, and ready to accept another change in lifestyle, so as to gain another body improvement and another good feeling.
  5. Continue this cycle and you will continue to feel good about yourself, and have a great body!

Your Mind is in Control

Your mind is in control of your body – if you are not in the right frame of mind you may put off exercising. Then before you know it you can be putting it off more than you actually do it. Before long you may not be doing it all. Being aware that this can happen justifies training the mind as well as the body.

What we do outside the gym is just as important

If someone tells you to cut out bad things and replace it with good things, the chances are it wont last for long. If however you know exactly how any changes will improve your body – you will have the motivation and determination to carry on until you actually feel an improvement. Once this improvement is felt and realised the sense of achievement will be realised in the mind, reinforcing that the change is good. Once this has happened the mind will be seeking another change and another improvement to feel happy about. What works for one person will be very different for another. I will find out what will work for you.

Train your mind to control your muscles

Muscle Tone

The mind controls the muscles via nerves. Even at rest the muscles are being controlled and stimulated to some degree, known as muscle tone - can be very easily improved to give better definition to the muscles.

Muscle Strength and Size

Training the mind will ensure the correct muscles are being targeted when exercising. It is all to easy to use the wrong muscles and not see the improvements you want.

For example: In order to lift a weight there are many different muscles that can help. The muscles that the body uses will depend upon your posture. Often as we age our posture is not as good as it once was, and so the muscles being used may be ones that will make the posture even worse.

Mind Body Connection

Feeling and really being aware of what muscles we want to use in any exercise can take time to realise. It is a gradual process – but an enjoyable one and you will be in touch with all parts of your body at a deeper level.

Appreciate your body

Rather than just doing an exercise or changing your diet – I will explain the adaption process that is happening in your body - as you provide the stimulus for it to change (this stimulus may be in the form of exercise, diet or lifestyle).

Once you understand what is happening in your body you'll hopefully appreciate it like never before and realise that it really wants to help you.


In order to train hard, we need to be in the right mental state and be tuned in to our body.

Then we can really reap the rewards.

Mindfulness for as little as 1 minute will help you get into the zone and train harder. This combined with total focus upon the muscles  will give the feedback to your mind.

This feedback reinforces the Mind Body Connection that will really help you enjoy your body like never before.