Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Trainer with Naturist or Nature, Fitness as you like?

wrestling.jpegNaturist Fitness can take place anywhere that gives us privacy - to give you a reset or kickstart or a different experience.
coach Harper - personal trainer ukNature Fitness - needing just our body's with mo equipment means we can do this anywhere that gives privacy.

Naturist Fitness Experience gives an overwhelming freedom and a reset for your body & mind.  Nature fitness Session is no equipment just body & mind to induce brain plasticity maybe?

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Changing our lifestyle gives us more depth of results from the exercise we do - results at a deeper level within you.

The 5 Aspects Of Training 

The more you use the more profound the results.

Body Fitness

What You Eat

Reducing the Bad*

Stress Management

Power of Your Mind

Our body parts work as one whole system. If one part of this system is not working properly - it will have a detrimental effect to the other parts. That is not to say you cannot focus upon one part - in fact we sometimes need to, but the rest of our body can assist and make the process quicker, easier, more enjoyable and perhaps profound.

1. Body Fitness


With No Equipment is the Way forward - trust me - you'll see why.

Results are better when the focus is upon your body, and the individual muscle you want  to strengthen, or the body system you want to improve - or body shape you want.  As opposed to the focus being on machines or just completing the exercise. Thus we train your mind as well as your body -utilising brain plasticity either through conventional or the unconventional. Tell me which way you want to go and I'll give you some options to consider.

No Excuses - Very Exciting

No equipment means you have no excuses- exercises can be done anytime, anywhere -  if you have a busy life -  slotting in a few minutes here and there. Making it possible for everyone to build into your everyday life - forever!

But More importantly it gives focus upon your internal body - which I will guide you to in - to go deeper and deeper. It is a powerfully invigorating feeling - once your mind is on board with this. But we also have to train your mind to do this - making it all exciting.

2. What You Eat

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Continue your workout in the kitchen or restaurant.

It's not always about eating less - but eating right!

What you eat, and not eat, has such a big impact upon your body. Eating the right foods can enhance everything we do in the gym, but eating the wrong foods may just render your workout ineffective.

Weight Management

Weight loss, is easier to accomplish through diet rather than working out, but both together work brilliantly. There is so much advice out there - it can be difficult to know what to do. The answer is - do what is right for you - there are so many tools you can use - it's just a case of finding the right one, which I can work with you to find.

Fitness & Libido

Eating the right foods will help accelerate your fitness plan and give better gains and can actually make you look and feel great - plus increase your libido. Focus upon the great feelings that you want to experience - this will then make you make the right lifestyle choice. I'll guide you with this as much as you like.

3. Reducing The Bad Things

I'm not going to preach!

Instead I want you to focus upon all that you'll be gaining from reducing the bad. There's many exciting ways we can do this and it starts with your mindset.

coach Harper - personal trainer uk

In my experience - as the trainer employed to encourage a healthy optimistic mindset that can lead to you wanting to reduce the bad things - there are two things that can really kickstart the process within you.:

Thinking of your Increased Virility - all the good things that you'll gain

or a Naturist Fitness Experience - can be such a different experience that it provides a reset.

If either of these or something else intrigues you - you know where I am.

4. Stress Management, Sleep, Happiness

man happy with leafsometimes it's the simple things we need!

Happiness - in bursts of even a few seconds - even fake will work wonders.( I'll explain more about faking it, if you feel you need to fake it before you make it.) During your training session we can discuss stress/sleep if you feel it may help you. 

Happiness - if you're happy enough already - you're one of the lucky ones - continue exactly as you are and skip this

Well where do I start - a complex subject if we make it one - or perhaps it can be the simplest way to a quality of life. But when we're feeling low we need to know where to start.  I don't have a magic wand to make you happy, but what I can do is give you a freedom, whilst you're with me to explore possible ways forward for you, should you need it.

Sleep - if you get enough - skip this bit.

Sleep is a very underestimated tool in fitness. Sleep deprived and you're more likely to eat more unhealthy foods and be less active - in many ways, physically, mentally and spiritually - or sexually. We want the opposite and something as simple as: fitness-relax-body-mind in a workout will actually help you sleep better. That is when good things start happening 

Stress or negative thoughts. May not apply to you - in which case - just skip.

A stressful life can undo a lot of the good work carried out by practising all the other principles. I have many great ways to reduce anxiety, stress, negative thoughts or fears. Some are conventional, some alternative - just let me know which way you want to go?

5. Power of Your Mind

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For Motivation 

Your mindset is crucial, not just for starting any new fitness or lifestyle.  This is so true for health and fitness training. If we are positive and motivated we tend to exercise more and eat better. If our mind is not in the right place then exercise stops and the healthy eating risks being replaced with chips and sugary chocolate.

To Enhance

just about every aspect of your health & fitness can be enhanced with an often underutilised technique. You'll be amazed at what can happen when your mind is fully on board, trained and InControl.

We can explore your minds input during your whole fitness session - to make you feel .... I'll let you perhaps find out for yourself, as it depends if you go unconventional or conventional.

In Conclusion

Ultimately - using the power of your mind - in the context of You - will be the way forward.

'You' in the above sentence is perhaps the most powerful word on this whole page, and if you are in touch with yourself - may have quite a profound effect.