Hotel Room, Home or Office

Personal training in your hotel room, office or home.
  • Gay Personal Training can take place in a hotel room, office or your home. No equipment means it can take place absolutely anywhere and at any time.

  • Gay Personal training is different personal training, in that it does not focus upon just the exercise but instead upon the effect it is having on your body.

It is training that can take place anywhere that can give us some privacy.

Want to step it up a bit?

Step it up a gear with partner exercises we do together! This involves us in all sorts of different positions to challenge even the strongest. We'll start of gentle and make them more intense - depending upon your fitness levels. Gives a great all round body workout that is great fun and enjoyable.

For the really adventurous there's also the option of doing it naked!

Or for something really different...

...there's always naked wrestling to consider - made for hotel rooms.


Gay personal Training requires focus and concentration upon the exercise and your body, and therefore is not suitable in a public place where it may be hard for you to give 100% focus upon you're training. In order to get your mind really tuned in to specific muscles, and focussed upon movement - it is sometimes helpful for you to actually feel different parts of your body - to feel the specific muscle contracting. This can sometimes look a bit odd and so can be better to be in private, where focus is upon your body only as opposed to what others may be thinking!

Gay Personal Training is different.

We need no equipment – just your body weight and whatever happens to be in the area all make for a workout that really works and that you can do anywhere. I can teach you how to stimulate different muscles so that they grow stronger. The Mindfulness aspect is powerful, as it really teaches your mind to focus upon your body and recognise what muscle is being worked and to what intensity. Then you will be able to do it at any time, anywhere, with or without me to get the body that you want.

Hotel Rooms and Offices are Ideal

If you don't have lots to do and bored in your hotel room then Lifestyle Training is ideal. Your focus will be 100% on the training - not distracted by things to do, equipment, or any other people. This really helps with using the power of your mind to get the most from your workout.

Gay Personal Training focuses upon your body, not the exercise.

This is Personal Training that is not about completing the exercise. It is instead about completing what we set out to do – stimulate your body correctly and this can be carried out anywhere.

The emphasis is upon your body. It is different to training in the gym or boot camp or anything else that focusses upon the exercise. Completing an exercise may make you feel good about completing a challenge - but that does not mean your body will be sufficiently stimulated to get the gains that you want. Once you are tuned in to your body you will know how to stimulate it to build and strengthen it. When we fail to complete an exercise - your body will grow and adapt in a bid to complete it next time. All exercise is good, but not all are equal, general exercises fitness will help a bit, but it is pot luck how your body will respond.

Imaginative Bodyweight Exercise Ideal for Hotel Rooms

Bodyweight exercise using just our bodies encourages imagination and strength to do a variety of moves in all sorts of positions.

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