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What Happens If I Get An Erection in a Naked Personal Training Session?

There are many reasons why you may, or may not, get an erection in a naked personal training session. Both can happen to us all - it is our body just doing what it does, but here's what you should know...

Wanting it to go down! An erection in a training session doesn't mean we are sexually aroused.An erection during a training session may mean we are sexually aroused - but also may be for many other reasons.

Keeping it a mystery

With many reasons why we may get an erection - the real reason can be kept a mystery. Some reasons can be sexual, but others just a more general excitement or even purely a reflex response to certain movements. If you do get one - no one need know the reason!

There are a few reasons below detailing why we may get an erection, I could write for ages about the different reasons but it is just something that our body can do and often does! Gaining an erection during a naked personal training session can give you a different feeling to normal - possibly due to the many different reasons why it started in the first place. Either way just appreciate it!

We are all male and it is totally normal for our body to respond in different ways, however not all erections are equal. 

Reasons why you may get an erection in a naked personal training session

Uncontrollable erections

We can also get an erection simply as a result of a touch. In a personal training session your body will be in many different positions, causing your penis to hang differently and touch certain parts of your body, sometimes this different touch sensation can cause a reflex response that initiates an erection, and it is not under the control of our brain, there's not a lot we can do about it.  The same response can be seen when doing certain exercises which cause the penis to flap against the body. If you've ever done star jumps whilst naked you may know what I mean. Certain muscle contractions around the hips and abs can also cause spontaneous erections.  If the intensity of the exercise is really strong, and we are struggling to keep up the pace, then an erection will probably not happen, but when the intensity is not too severe and there is some unavoidable touch sensation to the penis – we are more at risk of an unwanted erection. I use the word unwanted, but I help many men who  can struggle to get an erection, and they would be so happy to be able to achieve one. Therefore perhaps any erections should be viewed as something that we are lucky to be able to have, and we should appreciate it - not be embarrassed about it.

Erections due to higher testosterone levels

Cast your mind back to when you went through puberty, did you gain more erections, often for no reason at all? The chances are that you did, partly due to raised testosterone levels. During our training we will experience raised testosterone levels, due to the exercise effect. This effect is further enhanced by certain exercises that are proven to elevate testosterone levels. This increased testosterone may just begin to have an effect on you and become evident. Rather than just think about the erection, it may be good to focus upon the erection as an indicator that your testosterone levels are healthy.


Being naked with others, when it is something out of the ordinary, can be an exciting thing to do, and whilst it may mean that we are aroused – it is more in an excited way, rather than a sexual way. Psychologically there may be many reasons why we become aroused – thinking about the original Greek work for gymnasion - meaning school for naked exercise, can evoke feelings of a historical endorsement to our naked exercise session. This endorsement can lead to feelings of a comfortable, and totally natural and intuitive experience, that is also exciting and different.  The combination of all these feelings are associated with initiating erections, but it does not mean there is any motive behind the erection.

What To Do If You Get An Erection During Your Naked Personal Training Session With Me.

We've all seen them before, so if you do get an erection in your naked personal training session – don't worry about it. It can happen to us all.  Just be relaxed during your nude personal training session - enjoy it.  If we know that an erection can happen to either of us, neither needs to be embarrassed and the reason can be kept a mystery!. It does not mean there is any motive, it is just the male body doing what it does.

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