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Testosterone, adrenaline affect on your penis


Testosterone and adrenaline effect our penis size, response and feelings of maleness during naked personal training, meaning this Naturist Fitness Experience gives an opportunity to see how your emotions and training type affects your penis as you plan, embark and take part in an alternative fitness session. here I explain some of the outcomes and their factors.

Testosterone and  adrenaline - means your penis - may be out of control!

This actually relates to how testosterone and adrenaline effect your penis during naked personal training – but can be used as a guide for all sorts of naked situations sexual or non sexual.

Our Hormones, Penis & Naturist Fitness Experience.

Here is all about our penis and effects of increasing hormones as you plan, embark and experience a nude workout. Plus you'll see how the 2nd training session or occasion may be very different.

In a Naturist Fitness Experience

Testosterone slow acting

Effect:  Minutes, Hours and Days

Will increase sexual arousal and function - effectively priming your body to be sexual.

An erection more likely.


There are ways to boost testosterone a few days prior to your training session. This will also ensure your muscles get the full benefit of the exercise too.

During the booking process just ask me how.

Adrenaline fast acting

Effect: Instant

Prepares body for fight or flight – directing blood flow to muscles and away from your penis.

An erection very unlikely.


There are ways to reduce adrenaline before and during your training session. This will also ensure you gain max enjoyment from your workout.

During the booking process just ask me how.

1st Session – hormones and response

How your emotions, effect your hormones and your penis before your Naked Personal Training Session

You will more than likely be very excited at the prospect of doing something different! This feeling can start right from the outset - from the point of finding out about Naked Personal Training session. It can be such a feeling that it will start to have a physiological effect upon your body. Your testosterone levels will gradually increase. They can rise over the period of a day or so but if you become stressed will gradually subside. Depending upon how far in advance you are booked in for an EK Training session – you may keep your testosterone levels high due to the thoughts of getting naked for a workout. This gives every possibility that before our session your testosterone levels will have gradually been climbing and climbing. This effects your sex drive and your sexual response – you may notice you become aroused and erect a lot more easily.

The journey to my gym (or if we are training at your venue - expectation of my arrival) may be exciting in which case your testosterone levels will just keep on rising. Or you may at some point start to experience feelings of trepidation which can be totally normal for any new experience. If you do, this will see adrenaline released into your body – the fight or flight hormone to prepare you for whatever awaits you! This raised adrenaline will very quickly start to act upon the blood vessels to your periphery – constricting them. The reduced blood flow to your penis will mean it becomes slightly smaller and less likely to become erect.

How You Can Boost Your Testosterone

Commencement of Training Session

When we meet – you will see I am friendly and welcoming – which will put you at ease. This will cause your adrenaline levels to start falling nearly as quickly as they came, and the raised testosterone from the previous days will still be having an effect upon your level of arousal due to an exciting fitness situation. This means an erection can become more likely. However even though I am friendly, and we will be having a fun time working out with a variety of different exercises, your adrenaline levels can remain elevated due to the fact you are experiencing a different situation. Our body's all react differently to different situations and once upon a time it is this reaction in your body that would have kept you alive. Even though you may be excited – it can be an edgy excitement and the resulting high adrenaline will mean your penis may not display the excitement!

Or you may find it to be a relaxing excitement in which case the testosterone will be the winner. Either way all is good.

Also added to the above emotions...

During Training Session there are ups & downs!

As the naked personal training session progresses and you feel more and more comfortable – adrenaline can rise due to exercising. As your muscles work harder and harder adrenaline is released by the body to keep you going. This cuts off blood supply to parts of your body that don't need it in favour of giving more to the working muscles to keep you exercising hard. Therefore in moments of intense exercise it is normal for our penis to become smaller as a result of reduced blood flow.

This effect can be momentary... we relax from the intense exercise the arteries also relax and blood flow everywhere is restored. If we have become hot as a result of exercise then the blood vessels further dilate to get more blood to the periphery so that heat can be lost. All his extra blood flow to the periphery also goes to your penis meaning your penis will become bigger.

Then if adrenaline further subsides and testosterone still present in your body from all the build up - plus from exercising (certain exercises we do will start to increase testosterone) then your level of arousal will increase. This combined with exercising naked can mean an erection can occur.

However due to the rapid effects of adrenaline an erection in your first personal training session may be less likely – who knows!

Your 2nd session

Your 2nd Naked Personal Training Session can be very different.

Hopefully you will be very much looking forward to your 2nd session. This expectation will see an increase in your testosterone levels just as before! However the main difference is that you will not be as apprehensive as the first time. At this stage we now know each other quite well and you know what to expect. This means that the adrenaline will not be there as much! There may still be a little, but your body will not feel it needs to prepare for fight or flight. and blood flow to your penis will be strong. The higher than normal testosterone level will raise further still during your training session which within will only add to how you may be feeling. This will result in either:

  • an erection
  • or you trying to stop an erection.

Either way it does not matter, but it will give you a good understanding of How testosterone and adrenaline effect your penis during Naked Personal Training!

Experience it all for yourself

If you would like to experience the role of hormones in your body during a personal training session, please feel free to get in touch.

The Science - about testosterone and sexual function.