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Boost Testosterone Naturally

Feel Powerful & Manly!

You really can boost testosterone naturally - to give you stronger erections, more muscle and less fat!

If you are coming to see me for a personal training session - this will all really help you get the most out of it and set your body up nicely for building muscle and getting fitter!

Boosting Testosterone

Simply by standing &sitting differently

Spread out a bit! and have wide limbs! - Just having your limbs a bit wider is proven to boost testosterone levels.

In private you can really boost your testosterone levels with really wide limbs - even a few minutes of a wide limb pose will boost your testosterone. In public just try going a bit wider!

With Exercise! - especially resistance exercise or plyometric (fast movement) anything to strengthen your muscles.

Reducing Testosterone is even easier

Alcohol, Stress and lack of Sleep


The wider the limbs from the body the greater your testosterone levels can be.


The closer the limbs to the body the lower testosterone levels.

Good Erection Quality

Gaining an erection requires many inputs from the body - hormones have a part to play both indirectly and directly in getting and maintaining an erection. Testosterone helps the erection process in the short and long term. Here is an easy way to increase yours naturally.

Feel More Sexual

The Easiest & Most Effective Way....

  • to Improve Your Sex Life,
  • increase the likelihood of your muscles getting stronger
  • reduce fat
  • feel great

to naturally boost testosterone.

Boosting Testosterone a really Easy Way

Simply adopting poses with wide limbs will boost testosterone levels - such as simply sitting with your legs wide apart and hands behind your head or standing as pictured. This has been proven to not only boost testosterone but also confidence.

Not alone?

This can be done even in public:

  1. Stand or sit with your legs slightly wider than normal
  2. Keep arms away and out to the side of the body wherever possible - or avoid crossing them
  3. Anything you can do to keep limbs wide!
  4. Every little helps!

Combine the two for a shot of Testosterone!

If we exercise our muscles with wide limbs this will provide a great shot of testosterone. Plus there are other ideas too, after a few minutes of a simple boxing workout - most people report feelings of extra manliness and confidence, especially when a wide stance is adopted. This is why I often incorporate a few minutes of boxing into a workout not just for the great combination of aerobic and muscle strengthening that it provides but also for the shot of testosterone and confidence.

There's a real simple exercise that you can do absolutely anywhere and needs no equipment. It is guaranteed to boost your testosterone levels.

Find out more here

An Easy Way to naturally boost testosterone

Go wide to boost testosterone and a enjoy strong erection

A really easy first step that can be done anywhere and at anytime. It almost seems too easy but then often the simplest things can make the biggest difference. This exercise to boost testosterone involves nothing more than lying, standing or sitting around. Simply by standing, lying or sitting more powerfully will boost your testosterone and make you actually feel more confident and powerful.

Boost your testosterone:

  1. Stand with your legs wide apart
  2. Place your hands behind your head or outstretched
  3. Play around with your position and see what makes you feel POWERFUL
  4. If it makes you feel powerful - it will be boosting your testosterone
  5. Squat up and down or move in a powerful way
  6. If it helps - make a strong powerful face - play around with your expression.
  7. Do this for a few minutes and chances are you'll have boosted your testosterone.

Ways to Boost Your Testosterone levels

Some for private - some for public....

personal trainer with wide limb posture to boost testosteroneIn private just a few minutes like this will really give your testosterone levels a boost.
Unwind and relax whilst building testosterone levels!
Different poses for different situations - just try a few in private!
In public go as wide as you dare!
In public having slightly wider limbs will still raise your testosterone levels.

Ways to Reduce Testosterone

Stay calm - there are many different ways - do what works for you - as much as you can.




and lack of sleep

will reduce testosterone levels.

Plus to a lesser extent - limbs close to body....

Limbs Too Close To Body May Reduce Testosterone Levels

Workout to Boost TestosteroneThis Exercise will boost testosterone levels in the short and long term.

Boosting Testosterone with Exercise

All exercise can help testosterone levels especially resistance training - anything that really gets the muscles working as opposed to solely aerobic activities that just get us out of breath but do not stimulate the muscles as much. Muscles aching and becoming fatigued in a workout means you can be assured that your testosterone levels will be higher than when you started. Try lifting weights boxing and a real simple exercise that you can do anywhere that involves no equipment. 

How Boosting Testosterone helps your erection.

Short term

Testosterone can help virtually every aspect of the erection process – enabling the penis to become hard to enable sexual intercourse to take place.  It helps all the parts associated with the physiological process of gaining an erection and also the timing of an erection with sex.

Boost testosterone and your erection Long term

Boosting testosterone indirectly effects the ability to maintain good erection function in the long term.

Low testosterone is associated with type 2 diabetes and increased visceral fat. Diseases and conditions such as these in turn can cause problems with the blood vessels which raises the risk of Cardio-vascular damage which is damage to the blood vessels the arteries and veins supplying blood to all parts of our body. As the blood vessels become more damaged they also become more clogged up which restricts blood flow. This is a very gradual process that happens over many years but none the less the damage is sometimes all too plain to see in the penis. This is because the blood vessels that supply the penis are quite narrow and if they become only slightly blocked the results are soon to be seen. This can be one of the first warnings of Cardio-vascular damage. If this damage is allowed to continue a weaker erection can gradually over the years turn into Erectile dysfunction. Testosterone can indirectly help prevent disease and conditions that lead to damage to the blood vessels.

Testosterone does have a role to play in the short and long term – not just with the healthy erectile function but also for our overall health.

Details of The Study

A study showed that simply adopting a more powerful pose boosted participants testosterone levels whereas low power poses caused a decrease in testosterone. The way we sit or stand can directly affects our hormone levels. Standing or sitting in a powerful pose can raise your testosterone levels.

Pose 1: A Wide Limb Stance

Participants stood or sat with open limbs, such as legs wide apart or arms behind head.

Testosterone Levels 17 minutes after:

Participants substantially increased their testosterone levels, and decreased cortisol (stress hormone).

Pose 2: Closed Limb Stance

Participants sitting or standing with closed limbs - such as crossing their legs and folding their arms.

Testosterone levels 17 min after:
Participants with closed limbs had significantly reduced their testosterone levels and increased cortisol.

More Info

Boosting self confidence and testosterone

If this can boost testosterone, self esteem, manliness and confidence - then it has to be one of the easiest yet effective exercise. A strong erection really can boost our self esteem and confidence. When our self esteem is high and we are confident – it is amazing how much more we can achieve – realising our full potential plus our erections will improve! Not only this but a small boost in your testosterone levels will increase muscles and reduce fat - especially when combined with exercise.

If our erection can make all this happen then it really is worth dedicating some time to the health and fitness of our penis by boosting testosterone levels.  Your penis can be responsible for helping your whole body stay fit and healthy.  It can be a vicious circle – testosterone is generally associated with a stronger erection, but when our erection is noticeably weaker than it once was, it is inevitable that our confidence risks being eroded. If our confidence falls then so does our testosterone.

If our testosterone falls then so does our muscle mass over our whole body which leads to a gradual age related decline in our health – risking greater fat storage, less bone density and risk of more chronic disease. But this need not be the case and it can all be turned around simply by going wide with your limbs!.

A Video to Boost Testosterone

A Mindfulness Video to Help You Relax and Focus Upon Your Whole Body - including your genitals - parts that produce testosterone for you. This awareness has the ability to help you feel more sexual - further raising testosterone levels. As you relax, your adrenaline levels will fall. Plus you'll be strengthening the muscles that will make your erection harder and improve blood flow to your penis. This all really helps to boost testosterone.

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How to Really Boost Your Testosterone

I can show you a simple yet effective exercise that can really boost your testosterone. It's easy to do and can be done anywhere, as it needs no equipment.

This exercise can be done once a day in as little as 1 minute, boosting your testosterone levels bit by bit every day to make you feel more confident and more sexual!

You can learn how to give your body a testosterone boost in any of these personal training sessions.

 Naked Training 

90 Mins Personal Training

Gives total focus on your body and your health ...

... and being a naked experience - proven to give happiness too!


Erection Training

2 Hours Erection Training

Naked or fully clothed...

erections not needed! But if they happen - no problem!


Roman Fitness

2 Hours Fitness Training

Roman style fitness using no equipment just body's - all over body workout plus optional Roman Bathing Experience


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