Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Improved Sex Life - Virility from Personal Training


Personal Training boosts function of body and especially mind - giving an improved sex life capability - Virility - furthered by naturally boosting testosterone and positivity.

Your body will become fitter and stronger - every part of your body will gain the benefits.

Your mind will 'tune in' and focus upon what it needs to do - to prime your body to perform better.

These workouts will improve your physical fitness and strength, and how you feel about yourself.

Every aspect of you will be functioning better!

......but will you do the training?

An Improved Sex Life!

Exercise Gives An Increase In Testosterone

It is established that a healthy level of testosterone is needed for our sex drive. It's proven that certain training methods will elevate levels of testosterone, especially when combined with naked training - you'll more than likely get a double hit!

Working Out Improves All The Body's Systems & Processes

When we train and workout we improve our fitness in specific ways, yet in order to support any specialised gains our body has to also improve many other aspects in the background. Whilst we may not be aware of them – they are all improving – not one part of our body works in isolation. Our hormone profile improves, our circulatory system improves as our cholesterol levels drop whilst our outlook and body image all gradually become more positive. We begin to feel and look more youthful.

Positivity From Working Out 

When we train we are looking after our body and this, especially as we get older is something that helps us feel very positive about life and our future. We are effectively making the most of our body and giving ourselves an optimism. We are not giving in to ageing. We are standing up to the ageing process and in doing so gaining a more optimistic and healthy future. Therefore those of us that workout are feeling more positive and optimistic than we would otherwise.

Feeling Younger with Personal Training

This all adds up to us feeling younger than we would if we were not training and falling victim to the ravages of age. We are doing something about the ageing process, fighting back and not letting our body deteriorate. This reversal of fitness and health slowly accumulates to help us feel good about our body - being fitter and stronger than we once were. Before we know it we start to feel younger, and look younger with our improved strength and posture.

Extra Virility Gives An Improved Sex Life due to positivity

A new study has demonstrated that the more positive our outlook towards ageing, the better our sex life will be. The benefits of training upon health and fitness have long been recognised, but now it is also realised this effect helps our sex life too. The study found that feeling older was a predictor of being less interested in sex, whereas when we feel younger, than our chronological age, we actually are more likely to have an enjoyable sex life.  As we get older there perhaps has never been a better time to train – not only to preserve your fitness and health but also your sex life!

And that's before I've even talked about the erection training. A stronger erection will make you feel younger and is now proven to help with your sex life too! Our mind is affected by our body, but our mind can as this study has shown also have a profound effect upon our body, our happiness, virility and with all that an Improved Sex Life!

Improved body image especially with the Naturist Fitness Experience

It has been proven that working out naked can help improve your body image (as I have written about in the past). This combined all the other positive aspects of conventional training ensure we will have a healthier body and mind – we are more likely to feel younger.

The Study

- details about how feeling young can give an improved sex life