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Erect penis akin to a smile in Naturist Fitness Experience


An erect penis during any Naturist Fitness Experience should be viewed as a smile - just a different smile, but a barometer of our happiness.

An erect penis, shows we are at ease - as an erection wont happen if anxious.

If you do get an erection... does not necessarily mean you're sexually aroused. Whilst you may be aroused, it may not be in a sexual way,

  • arousal means to stir to action, excite, or indeed to wake up.
  • you may be excited in many different ways.

If you get an erection during the training the chances are it just means your excited to be having a different fitness experience.

Or simply due to a reflex response with a penis able to freely move.

The mischievous penis?

We all have a penis and know what it is like to attempt to be in control of it - yet sometimes we cannot control it.  Our penis really can have a mind of it's own. Sometimes it will do just what we want it to, but it can let us down, by not responding – or by responding in a mischievous way, in certain situations - by becoming erect when it may be inappropriate. 

A naked personal training session is not an inappropriate place - if an erection happens it is no problem as we are training your whole body and  it is an exciting fitness experience - so your whole body can react in different ways.

Maybe we're just happy!

Because the body part that responds, is thought of as the sexual organ - it can be assumed that any response is to do with sex, yet maybe it is not.

We can confuse excitement and contentment with sex – as your penis can be more responsive when we you're relaxed and happy, those times when it does not always take a lot for it to rise to any occasion, whether sexual or just excitement in some form. 

Therefore if you get an erection in front of another man it is just a display of emotions similar perhaps to a smile.

If someone smiles at us we tend to smile back at them.

An Erect Penis Does Not Mean We Want To Have Sex

We all know that we can at certain times have an erection – yet not want to have sex. An example of this is when we awake in the morning with an erection, our penis may be hard but we don't always want to do anything with it as it is purely a body maintenance program.

Whilst in a sexual encounter an erect penis will invariably mean we are ready for sex, in a personal training session it is just a display of our emotions and our arousal, which may be due to the exciting feelings - that even clothed personal training can evoke. Alternatively the arousal may be due to doing something different and exciting, after all we generally tend to exercise with others when we are clothed, so to do it naked can bring a strong emotion of excitement and a liberating feeling of freedom.

A smile!

If your penis becomes erect during a naked personal training session, it does not necessarily mean you want to have sex, it is just due to an arousal that can be for a whole host of reasons: ranging from feeling excited and free, right through to relaxed and contented. It can be a good way to really understand the differences within your body and perhaps mind!

So an erect penis during a naked personal training session should be taken as a compliment and similar to a smile – as a display of good emotions.

In our personal training sessions we'll perhaps think of an erect penis as a smile?

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