Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Personal Training Naked - Naturist Fitness Experience

ancient Greeks exercised nakedThe ancient Greeks and the Romans exercised naked - they knew about something we have lost touch with.

The Ancient Greeks and the Romans exercised naked - tapping into that innate power within us. it is my belief that clothes are a barrier to this power and when we exercise clothed yes it is good, but fitness in a Naturist style puts us in touch with an inner force.

Want to try personal training naked just like the Romans did?

Exercising without the barrier of clothes is good for the mind, and the body, able to give you a great confidence boost - an effective training session that can give superior results.

Personal Training Naked in the Naturist Fitness Experience

Personal training naked, gives you the chance to experience the many benefits of naked training with no pressure to conform to any stereotypes. You can just be yourself and learn how to develop your mind body connection further without the barrier of clothes to interrupt the focus. The Naturist Fitness Experience is ideal for beginners to exercise and also for the seasoned gym goer who wants to shake their workout up a bit or just have a different experience - or even a different relationship with exercise.

This is a fitness session with a difference, where you can feel an extra boost of energy, strength and positivity about your whole body, by tapping into the feelings you experience when exercising naturist style.

Personal Training Naked will make you feel great about your body

It is a proven fact that being naked with others will actually gives us more confidence. There may be many reasons for this, but one is that we are reassured that others accept our body. During a naked training session there is an emphasis upon functionality - which really helps us appreciate just what our body does for us. Being naked with others, such as myself in a training session, reaffirms that your body is good - it is accepted and appreciated by another. 

What You Can Get From Naked Training

This naked training session will provide an energy and positivity to give a boost to both your psychological and physical well being.

The naked male body should be celebrated and what better way than with exercise - and without the barrier of clothes. Being nude means you can see all the muscles working, giving great fitness knowledge as well as a relaxed session with a personal trainer that can help you really appreciate your body. All our body's are amazing and this session and the removal of that barrier we have - clothes, will only serve to help you appreciate it all the more.

A different health & fitness Experience

Erections During Training!

Sexual Energy

Naked personal training is a professional health and fitness service, to celebrate your body, and gain a focused mind/body connection that is superior to when we you're clothed. This can really provide a boost of enthusiasm and knowledge about your body which all leads to greater results. This training is all about enjoying your health & fitness experience.

I do offer some services that may help you improve your sex life - such as erection training, which paradoxically does not have to involve gaining an erection, as we are strengthening the body systems that support an erection. However if you do get an erection during any part of the training this is no problem.  Erections sometimes do happen and can occur due to different sensations from exercising with no clothes or due to sexual energy.

Sometimes a sexual energy can be present, you just never know how you are going to feel, if it does it can be channeled into your workout for even an even greater fitness experience that will lead to greater results. I am a health professional and a fitness instructor just offering you a different fitness experience, but this is a professional health & fitness service - as opposed to a sex service, Therefore i am happy to channel any sexual energy into your workout to give you an exciting fitness experience, bit it is a fitness experience - as opposed to a sex service!

Enjoy exercising in the nude, just as the ancient Greeks or Romans did. They knew it's not rude to be nude!