Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

About Sexual Energy in Personal Training

The naturist training may add a new dimension to your training and will really show you just how living a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyable.


Using a sexual energy - strong human emotion to get fit and healthy. I'm purely being upfront and honest about a sometimes underused power that can drives us to get health and fitness improvements

The Naturist experience is nothing about sex in the standard sense but can be about a sexual energy - within you, as long as I am nothing to do with this - as this is me facilitating your own personal fitness experience, so that you can replicate it at a later date without me. 

What does a sexual energy mean to you?

Want to feel more power within you?

or perhaps channel current energy power you already have?

Want to feel more?

In which case feel more what?

Want to improve your mind - body connection?

Or manage a specific health condition?

Living a Healthy Lifestyle can be Sexy....

blogupdown2.jpgupside down approach to fitness - first focus upon energy that you want to gain or manage rather than the exercise?

Exercising will not seem so boring - you will want to do it! Then you wont want to undo all your good work with unhealthy lifestyle choices - as the thought of becoming more and more sexy will inspire you to live in a healthier and healthier way as you begin to feel more and more sexual.

A (Possible) Sexual Energy

Sometimes a sexual energy may be present and that is absolutely fine, as we can channel it into your training to make you work even harder.

However sometimes there may be no sexual energy, as you may be very focussed upon your coaching session which is capable of giving you some serious health and fitness gains.

Both these styles work for different people. The training I give will to some extent go with the flow. Always know the priority is to be informative, educational and improve your health & fitness in a professional way.

This is a professional service, where I am using your basic and strong human emotion to help you get fit and healthy. I am just being totally honest and upfront about what drives us and it seems to me that one of our most powerful emotions should be used to it's full extent – to get some great improvements for your body and give you a different experience..

Whilst I do not offer anything sexual - sometimes just the act of exercising naked can prove to be stimulating....

A Sexual energy may already be present within you, or it may not. A naked training session may or may not encourage this powerful feeling and this is fine either way, as it makes the exercise all the more enjoyable, but it is just exercise.

However whether it is there or not, when we are training naked – exercise and working out can take on a different role. There can be a sexual energy that can if used to it's full extent maximise the gains that you will gain from a healthier lifestyle.

Sexual Energy & You

Naked Personal training can give rise to a sexual energy which we can use to provide a boost to improving your body. It doesn't involve any acts of sex or anything to do with me – it is all about you, adding another dimension to your relationship with exercise.

Sexual Energy in Naked personal training diverts thoughts from aching muscles to an exciting feeling to harness - make you train harder

First Time

Waiting for me to arrive for a personal training session can be mixed both with trepidation and excitement. Any slight anxious feelings will soon disappear as soon as you meet me. However because you are also taking part in a whole different experience it can take a while for any sexual energy to develop. It may happen within minutes or it may not happen until the next session, or not at all! But it may happen when on your own and practising your exercises. 

So just to be clear - I'm okay with you getting as sexual as you like during your training session - but it doesn't include me - this is all about you. The ethics of NHS runs deep - I can get you to enjoy, harness and channel your sexual energy into working out harder (excuse the pun) but I never engage in any sexual acts.

What I'm trying to say is - if it gets you to exercise I don't care what you do or how your body reacts - in fact I'll actively encourage this male healthiness - as long as you know I am there to facilitate not participate!

There May be No Sexual Energy

Some sessions just work out different - depending upon what type of health & fitness gains you want and how you happen to feeling. If the energy is there - no problem either way it will still be an unforgettable fitness experience for you!

Whilst I do not offer anything sexual - sometimes just the act of exercising naked can prove to be stimulating. Though this is when I'm on my own - if I'm training you = I'll be too busy in helping you get what you want from your session - as this is all about you - less about me!

Feeling More Sexual

We are sexual beings and this aspect can be brought into and used in the whole health & fitness equation. As we all know it is a powerful motivator and capable of making us feel great - so perhaps we should encourage and develop sexual energy to help us live healthy and feel really alive!

This Sexual Energy can give

  • a boost of testosterone,
  • diverting thoughts away from aching muscles
  • an exciting feeling

Harness all this energy -  to make you train harder to give you a great fitness experience probably like no other!

Naturist Workouts more enjoyable - more intense!

Naked workouts provide a focus upon your body and the improvements you wish to see, combined with developing a sexual energy that can be channeled into the workout to really enhance results - making working out enjoyable and more successful. This is due to the intensity you may exercise at which is often greater due to this added emotion, plus physiologically there will be many benefits – such as even higher testosterone levels.

Naked Personal Training using sexual energy

Want to try a Nude Workout, and experience a possible sexual energy, just et me know - contact me here.

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