Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Personal Coach


This is personal training for all of you and we need no equipment - just your body is all we need. I specialise in bodyweight training - where to challenge your muscles - and  improve your fitness  - we can use a variety of methods that are capable of challenging even the strongest body.....

and mind!

Tell me?

My coaching gives a great time and is very successful - if you tell me exactly what it is you want to achieve and which of the options I offer - you most like and why. 


all in a sustainable healthy and enjoyable way.

Why Bodyweight training?

If we need no equipment, making your training 100% sustainable if you also have motivation, which will come from a different approach to training. I'll coach you in a variety of ways and you can choose which you like the most - and that is the key to gaining results. If we find a way for you to train that is enjoyable and exciting - you'll then do it more often either with or without me there.

What are the different ways?

This will depend upon what it is you want to achieve - to get your body functioning in the way that you want I will ask you what you want to achieve from my coaching session. That may be...

  • to get fit
  • manage a health condition
  • to feel better in yourself
  • to improve your body shape
  • or simply to enjoy doing something different that is good for you and will make you feel great.

Whatever your reason for having a coaching session with me is - I will aim to ensure it is enjoyable for you.

Your own daily Exercise Routine

You may want just a one off session with myself to learn a personal daily health and fitness routine specifically devised to help you gain whatever it is you want, or you may want regular sessions with me. Either way bodyweight training fits the bill nicely as it means we can train anytime, anyplace, anywhere, but most of all in a sensual, enjoyable but challenging way where we connect to all parts of our body and different energies within us.

Can you spare 1 minute for your own daily exercise routine?

Whether you choose to have regular sessions with me or just a one off session, I encourage you to have a daily exercise routine. This can start from as little as 1 minute duration through to as many minutes as you can spare. The 1 minutes all add up at thhe end of the week or month to make a noticeable difference and that is the key to gaining results - doing it for life otherwise the results will fade as quick as they came.  If you can do any longer than 1 minute then great - perhaps some days you may feel like exercising for 10, 20 or even 30 minutes. If so then great - you'll get results quicker. But only as long as you enjoy it, as soon as it becomes a chore then you must contact me - this needs to always be something you enjoy.

Think you don't like exercise?

No problem, my exercises can be so different that I virtually guarantee to find a way for you to exercise that will make you feel good about doing it and maybe even look forward to it. Whether this be in the form of an exercise challenge - or from a more sensual workout - I guarantee that we can find a way for you to enjoy gaining the results you want.

On your own or with me?

One big decision for you to start thinking about is whether you'd like me to:

  • instruct you to exercise on your own (can still be in a totally unconventional or conventional way as you like) or
  • exercise along with you, or
  • exercise jointly - where we use each other's body either for support or resistance in the A to Z of joint exercises.