Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Easy Way To Get Fit & Improve Your Body & Mind

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As little as 1 minute every day will bring a result. If you want the results quicker – do more minutes!


If you have days when you really can't be bothered then all you have to do is to make yourself do just 30 seconds.

let your penis show you the way - pull your trousers down and exercise your penis - this is easy and enjoyable (plus you know it will have improved your erection capability) - then before you know it - chances are you;ll feel like doing more exercise - to do even more good for your penis. And what's good for your penis is good for your whole body too!

One Thing A Day Is Sustainable

Doing just one thing every day to improve your body is a great way to get results – It's an easy way to get fit because it is a sustainable and realistic habit, that even the busiest person can get use to. 

The Easy Way to Get Fit in Just 1 Minute Every Day

The few exercises or tasks that you do each day become a habit, and something that you do without even thinking about, to improve your body in any way that you want.  There are literally thousands of very small things you can do each day to improve your health. Whatever you choose will depend upon what you want to improve.

It's so easy and really works

Focussing upon just one or two exercises means you can really learn to do them properly and stimulate your body to adapt and improve. No equipment means you can do it anywhere.

It works because every day you are bit by bit tipping the scales in favour of health and fitness rather than the opposite direction of obesity, muscle loss or poorer health. One day produces very small results, that day by day accumulate into great results.


Once you start getting results you will want to do more and more.

Quicker Results

For quicker results repeat as many times as able or add a few more exercises to the list of things to do every day, but not too many that it risks overwhelming you.

Easier Way to Get Fit Than Going to Gym

The gym can produce results if the exercise is of the correct intensity - and more importantly it is sustained. Often the gym can be a fad that people start with much enthusiasm that gradually wanes, and when it does so do any results gained. Results can fade as quick as they came, so whatever you do to improve your body it has to be sustainable.

The Easy Way To Get Fit - Really Personal Training