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Eat Good Food - Boosts Male Naked Personal Training

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With so many benefits to be gained from switching what you eat, it can be difficult to know where to start. I'll happily guide you - the best way is what fits in with your everyday life - it has to be easy for you to do. Here are just a few ideas.

Eat Good food - Less Bad and Your Body Will Love It!

To Eat Good food is important even if you don't want to lose any fat it can really help maximise fitness and strength gains. It can be as effective as exercise. In your personal training we can find out what diet/nutrition programme will work for you, and be sustainable for life

In fact what you eat can be the most important aspect – more effective than exercise in helping manage your weight and your health.

...your penis will love it too!

Eat Good things for Weight Loss and Your Health

What you eat can help many health conditions such as diabetes, but is just the same as eating for weight loss – it has to be sustainable, something that you can do for life! Otherwise the fat or the health condition will just reappear.

As your new way of eating will be something you need to do for life – it has to be healthy and to cut out food groups is never a good idea, so I have listed a few healthy ways of eating options below :

I have tried all of them and they are all now, to some degree, the way I eat. If you'd like to know how they have helped me and how I use them, I'm always happy to tell you (but I don't want to become a health bore!)

Support with your chosen way to Eat Good Food.

During your training I can offer you as much assistance as you require with your chosen healthy eating programme.

Ways to Eat Good

They are natural and your body can cope with them. Refined sugar in all its various forms has not been around for long and your body cannot cope with it. I'm always happy to talk more about the benefits of healthy eating and why it works as you go through your training. Working as a nurse I really have seen the damage that eating the wrong foods can do, and I'm always happy to help, I just don't want you to think that I am ever preaching!

Never feel you are deprived as most of these are not about restricting volume but more about restricting the bad foods. Focus upon what you are gaining a healthier and sexier body that will feel great – this is what this healthy eating programme will give you and remind yourself of that every time you have to make a food choice – think of what it will be giving you! I can tell you all the benefits you can expect to see.

Whether you want to lose weight or improve your health there are so many options for you to eat good rather than bad!....

Eat Good


All the following ways to eat good will work, but some will suit you and some wont. They're all backed up with research

  • Choose just one or combine a few
  • Start gradually then intensify or start with maximum intensity for real quick gains
  • During your training session we can discuss any of them if you wish and then I can offer you support with your chosen healthy eating programme.

MOST Important:

Keep in mind why you are eating healthily - for me to be honest, it is as much as anything for my erection quality. But the rest of my body benefits!

Enjoy Whole Foods - Remove unprocessed

Why – then you know what you are eating, processed foods contain many ingredients to make it taste wonderful. The producers want you to buy it again, they're not worried about your health or waistline and they're can often be surprising amounts of ingredients that you would not ordinarily even consider consuming. Often lots of fructose or glucose which are really not good for your body. Naturally occurring sugars are so much better. If its natural all is good!

or Eat for 8 hours

Enjoy and look forward to eating in a reasonably healthy way but in any 8 hour period. After this period is up – just drinks only in the remaining 16 hours. This gives your digestive system a break and can give you a healthier hormone profile to help you burn fat rather than store it, as well as a reduction in the amount you are likely to eat due to the time constraints.

or Remove the Drug

Added sugar can be so addictive. But the good news is your taste will change and the further you get into this you really will not miss it.There is no nutrition in sugar 0- it just helps clog up your body putting your health at risk and raising the probability of storing more fat. Often your body does not have the chance to burn all the sugar that is consumed and the surplus is stored as fat. During the process of it floating around your body it can wreak havoc to your blood vessels and raise cholesterol. There is evidence to suggest that it is more responsible for heart disease by clogging up your arteries than fat as use to be thought. If you ever need a reason to consider removing added sugar think of your erection quality. Sugar clogs up arteries and the one's to your penis are small and can be the first to suffer the effects – showing by reduced erection quality. Just get your sweet fix from fruit – this is a healthy way to get it.

or Fasting

There are so many fasting methods such as intermittent fasting. There are many variations out there – some involve reduced calories or protein, for a day some for longer. You can choose to stick to one religiously or just go without food for a period of time and make it up as you go along. There are so many options and finding the right one for you is key to this working.

or Low GI

This is the Glyceamic index a great way to control blood glucose.

or Think About the Carbs

Carbohydrates have had an extremely bad press, but they're not all bad. White bread and potatoes may not always be the best examples but whole grains and vegetables are great examples giving you slow release energy and a whole host of nutrients that your body really needs. The right carbs can keep you feeling fuller for longer and give you the nutrients you need to exercise better and get greater results. Some carbs are just brilliant – some not. When you get use to switching a few – eat less of some and more of others your body really will feel the benefits.

or More subtle ways

Mindful Eating

Only eat when you will not be distracted – so that you can focus upon your food and give your brain a chance to enjoy and process all the flavours. It can take 20 minutes for the stomach to signal that we are full. Eating slowly gives you the chance to get this signal before consuming too much and then feeling sluggish as a result.

Only Eat when you're sitting down at the table or a proper food place

This reduces the chance of snacking and eating unhealthily, plus helps ensure you are not distracted and you can really appreciate your food. Your brain will also feel you have had a proper meal.

Less Chips more Veg or salad

Just a few less chips and a bit more salad may not seem to make such a difference, but something as simple as this really can work. You'll still feel as full Every day the few reduced calories all add up to make a big difference in 6 months time.

More Soup

Soup will keep you feeling fuller for longer

Smaller Plates

It will look as though you are eating more.

Always remember

It can be all the small changes that all add up to make a big difference!....

The way to look at it – forgo the cake – think of the fat that it will add onto your body – it may only be 0.1 of a mm but ten days that's 1mm, 100 days that's 10mm and it really can be as quick as that. Whereas exercise/increased activity such as walking (or taking the stairs) is the reverse – it may only burn 0.1 of a mm of fat, but do it for 10 days and that's 1 mm of fat gone. In 100 days that's 10 mm gone! All from just a very small change!

Eat Good to give your body what it needs and reward you many times over.

A Reason to Eat Your Greens

I could talk for hours about this, but especially good for men.