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Erection Abs together in The Virility Workout

Erection quality and Abs exercises go together as I will show you in the Virility Workout, where we can also use your minds focus to ensure you get the most from such a powerful exercise - if you do it right.

Improving your future Erections, your Abs & mind all being exercised, and strengthened together. Generally carried out without an erection -it is all about stronger future erections.

One Exercise but many gains to be had! Stimulating the abs and the pelvic floor muscles that support an erection at the same time can help increase the intensity. Plus it makes it all a bit different and more fun – especially when you start to feel new sensations from within your body as the muscles really start to work hard.

Why Erection & Abs together

They're all classed as the core muscles and all help each other out to give the body stability, in a whole variety of moves and exercises, so it makes sense to combine them. Plus this can help increase the intensity, to further stress the muscles which will encourage them to build even stronger. If time to exercise is an issue then this also saves time - doing two or even three exercises in one!

Why Naked?

You could try it both clothed and naked, but I find that when doing these exercises naked not only are we unrestricted which makes the range of movement greater - but we also have more of a focus. By this I mean that without the barrier of clothes we are able to see and feel the parts of the body that we are exercising and improving. This means we start to build positive associations - linking the actual act of exercise to improving certain parts of our body which in turn then leads to greater motivation to do them more often.


The intensity needs to be great otherwise the muscles will not grow stronger. As a general guide keep on going with these exercises until the muscles fail or really begin to scream out to say stop! Then you will know they will grow stronger to meet the demands we are placing upon them.

Erection Abs Exercise 

Abs exercises and penis exercises together make your erection stronger and harder. Gives increased intensity and different contractions. Feel different sensations within your body to give good feedback. Plus you may get a six pack in the process! Start of by pushing your lower back hard into the floor as you do the pelvic floor (penis exercises) and then continue to contract – squeezing hard as if to stop urine and wind and then use your abs to pull your hips off the floor as much as you can by really pulling in and up hard...

The Erection Abs Exercise is just one taster of what you can do in the Virility Workout to improve all aspects of you.

One last point:

The above maybe gave you a flavour of just what you can do in the Virility workout.

I need to just remind you though: I have to be clothed, but you can choose your own dress code - or indeed the level and depth to which you exercise.

Plus one last point is to remember that all erection strengthening exercises, and techniques can be carried out without an erection. It is only if you wish to try arousal combined with erection exercising that an erection or semi erection is useful. 

Always keep in mind: Your erection can be strengthened and virility increased whilst you are clothed and without an erection.