Erection Exercise Videos

Erection exercise videos that will make your erection stronger. There are specific exercises to strengthen the muscles that support an erection and general exercises to improve blood flow. Plus combination penis exercises with abs exercises, so you can improve your whole body!

A Few Videos For You...

Nearly Naked Trainer - Erection Exercise Video

This video explains about an exercise to make your erection harder! Muscles that support an erection can be strengthened – but only if the intensity is strong enough, so this is all about the exercise at the right intensity and how to gauge the intensity of contractions by gaining feedback in various ways.

Naked Personal Trainer Improving Your Erection Exercise

Enjoy doing this exercise to improve your erection and make it harder by strengthening the muscles that support an erection and improving blood flow. This is a proven way to improve erection quality if the reasons for a weaker erection are for physical.

Abs & Penis Exercise For a Harder Erection

This video combines 2 Abs exercises and penis exercises to make your erection stronger and harder. Gives increased intensity and different contractions. Feel different sensations within your body to give good feedback. Plus you may get a six pack in the process! Start of by pushing your lower back hard into the floor as you do the pelvic floor (penis exercises) and then continue to contract – squeezing hard as if to stop urine and wind and then use your abs to pull your hips off the floor as much as you can by really pulling in and up hard..

Advanced Harder Erection Exercise With Mindfulness

This exercise may just give you an erection in the process of practicing, it's a great exercise to make your erection stronger, allows you to focus upon new sensations within your body and is great for relieving stress and also the beginnings of a mindfulness session.. You need to be familiar with Harder Erection exercise 1 & 3 before doing this otherwise it may not make much sense. This is strengthening the muscles and body processes that support a strong erection. Let me know how you get on – good or bad

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