Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Strengthening Your Erection Muscle in a Workout


Your Erection Muscle is solely responsible for making your penis more rigid, by pushing in extra blood, it can be strengthened just like any other muscle and will be more effective in erecting your penis.

Specialist Personal Training to train your Erection Muscle!

This is no ordinary personal training - but specialist training for some really special gains.

As you progress and strengthen the muscles around your penis, anus and prostate it can become quite enjoyable and suddenly you can begin to experience new sensations - from the extra strength of movement from the muscles around your anus, prostate and penis. Then before long a stronger erection.

A Great Way to Strengthen Your Erection Muscle

I use the Harper Capability program. A training gives many different ways to help you strengthen your erection muscle. Whilst standard pelvic floor exercises (kegels) can contract and stimulate this muscle I'll show you ways to really strengthen it with maximum focus and intensity. What works for you we will discover...

Before your session I will ask which of the following you are happy with (all can be effective and you can always decide which methods you would like on the day)

All Optional

Ways to gain feedback and increase muscle stimulation and resulting strength.

  • You tell me what you are feeling
  • I observe your penis, perineum and anus
  • You exercise with an erection of some degree - makes observation easier
  • You do penis raise (all will become clear)
  • You place your finger on your perineum to feel the contraction
  • I place my finger on your perineum to assess muscle strength

...this gives maximum feed back for maximum intensity, but is not for everyone.

All the above are totally optional - you only need do what you feel comfortable with - this will help you improve your erection quality.

The everyday Way to exercising your erection muscle

This I will also show you - as it can work alongside your erection training programme to give quicker results.

There's every chance you are doing something already, that we change slightly, to strengthen your erection muscle and in turn your erection quality.

Where is the Erection Muscle


It runs from your penis and attaches to the bottom of your pelvis to help form the pelvic floor. I'll show you exactly where it is and how to stimulate it plus explain how this helps to strengthen your erection.

Other benefits of this exercise.

There are so many benefits to this type of exercising that we will be doing. It not only helps with erections but also overactive bladder and ejaculation control/intensity. Plus can help increase your libido amongst many other benefits.

If you'd like a workout to improve your virility or specifically your erection quality - please let me know if you are wanting to overcome any erection problems, or intrigued to see how hard you can be?