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Are Your Erection Problems Psychological or Physical? (or perhaps both)

Are your erection problems psychological, physical or possibly even a mixture of the two? Sometimes we can assume it is a physical problem - but we always need to consider the psychological reasons.

The erection process isn't simple, the following is

an introduction to the role our mind plays

.....and possibly may help you look upon erections differently.

The Mind & Erections

There are 2 different systems that give us an erection:

  • under control of the brain (arousal)
  • or from touch (no brain input just a localised reflex response).

Tactile stimulation for the penis

Tactile stimulation for the penis lasts only so long - before the brain is needed to take over and maintain a strong erection.

A localised reflex response to touch (from touching or stroking the penis for example) can initiate an erection, input from the brain, due to feelings of arousal,  help this erection erection to be maintained.

The Psychological

The Psychological aspect will then either enhance the erection or dampen it down

Whichever was the cause of an erection (either due to arousal, physical stimulation or both), it then does not take much of a negative response somewhere else in the mind to dampen this arousal down. Often we may not even be aware of it.

Physical Fitness, Strength & Health Helping the Psychological Aspects

Even if a weaker erection is due to psychological reasons if the physical is in tip top condition - it can override any negative thoughts:

On the surface some erection problems can seem to be psychological issue, however this can sometimes initially be caused by a physical issue, due perhaps to weak muscles that results in a weaker erection. This plays on the mind and can then have a further negative effect upon our erection. Or the psychological reason may emanate from a worry or concern we have - either way the boosting the physical side may just be enough to help us: For example when we are younger, hormones and the fact that we are in tip top health can overcome any psychological issues, whatever the cause, but as we get older the physical may struggle to overcome them. Therefore even if the problem is partially psychological, if we build the physical erection capability then there is every chance things can improve - especially if the physical initially caused the psychological.

The Rest of Your Body Influencing Your Erection

Whilst the mind can initiate a signal - it is our physical body that then makes an erection happen, using many processes that go on to support this response such as hormones, muscle strength and blood supply.

The Mind & Body

Both the mind and the body need to be working well to maintain this erection. A slight problem with the physical body may reduce the strength of the erection, which may then start to affect our mind. This slightest of thoughts or concerns about an erection can really dampen down this sexual response and further reduce erection quality. So sometimes the question really may be not are erection problems psychological or physical but how much is physical and how much is psychological.

The Very First Thing to Ensure You Do

Just in case there is an element of a psychological cause, the very best thing to do is not to worry. Firstly take comfort in the fact that there is every chance you can improve your erection quality and you really do need to try and enjoy the journey to improvement, where you'll rediscover your body along the way.

The slightest negative thought, any self doubt or anxiety, even if we are not aware of it, will dampen down the sexual response and erection quality can be reduced. It can be a deep thought you may not be aware of.

I will be writing about different things that can help a variety of different issues, so in the meantime if your particular concern or your possible reason for reduced erection quality has not yet been addressed you can always use the Erection Help.

So no worries! .....just look forward to improving your erection....

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