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Erection Quality And Erectile Dysfunction

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If you're having problems - one thing is for sure - you're definitely not alone.

for a start try something like this - I am doing it with a semi - but it works just as well flaccid - you just see less movement.

 Free help and advice to improve your erection quality is here, there is no need to be worried or concerned until you have tried all the following proven methods to improve erection quality. Even then - once all these erection kaizen methods have been tried, and in the unlikely event you still have concerns, all it means is more specialist help may be required - and even then the chances are very good. So whatever you do don't worry - just start being healthy!

No one really talks about the problem of poor erection quality until the problem gradually gets worse, and risks becoming erectile dysfunction. Even then it is reported that men can take on average up to three years before they seek help. There should be no need for embarrassment - it can happen to us all, and knowing that you can do things to help yourself mean there is such a lot to look forward to - as it really is possible to improve your erection with erection Kaizen training. Some of us may notice a slight deterioration - this is what happened to me and I am so glad that I changed my ways and really started to consider what I should do for my body, and that is the question what are you willing to do?

The Incidence of Erectile Dysfunction is greater than 1:10

8% of 40 Year Old Men are affected with Erectile Dysfunction, and this rises to 40% of 60 year old men*.

This statistic is far too high - I find it really surprising, and is needlessly high when there is so much that any man can do to help himself. So if this is you - you can with my help and turn it all around.

Whatever Age You Are

Concerns about Erection Quality are more common in younger men than the more serious erectile dysfunction which is more prevalent in older men or as a result of specific health conditions. However there are many causes of poor erection quality, most physical, but some psychological. The psychological problems can affect men of any age.

Age is no excuse and it does not have to be inevitable that you will have problems as you get older, you can train to insure against problems in the future - and train to reverse problems. My oldest client at nearly 80 has seen some great improvements. There really is so much that you can do to help yourself. If you have a specific health condition then this may mean that specialist help may be required - but one thing is for sure - all the treatments that I list here are proven to work, and will also help the rest of your body - so you'll definitely be doing some good whatever the cause.

If You Are Having Problems

If you are having problems - whether you've just noticed a slight deterioration in erection quality or you are unable to gain or maintain an erection you are certainly not alone and you can almost certainly do something about. Problems are normally reversible but the sooner they're addressed the more successful any help measures and erection kaizen training will be.  There is so much that you can do to help yourself - once I have shown you - for example - try this exercise. Whilst it is common knowledge that much can be done to help treat erectile dysfunction – reduced Erection Quality of a mild nature possibly affects a lot more men, often younger, and the effects can be equally as devastating.

Problems can be short term and easily fixed

Erection problems in younger men can be more likely due to short term relationship problems, depression, drugs or anxiety and can be easily reversed with a healthier lifestyle. Erection problems in older men tend to be less psychological and more as a result of physical problems which can be treated with both general and specific exercise from erection kaizen training programme. No matter what your age or the cause - the problem stands every chance of being reversed and treated - often by making a few simple changes to everyday life. Perhaps there can be no better motivation to change to a healthier lifestyle.

Erection Quality, Erection Angle And Erectile Dysfunction

Erection Quality

Erection quality literally means the quality of an erection - how hard and strong the erection is.

Erection Angle

Erection angle is more determined by the size of the penis and its attachment. In men with a long and heavy penis or a loose suspensory ligament, the erection angle may be less than 90 degrees, which is perfectly normal.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection in order to have sexual intercourse, and can also be due to psychological and physical reasons.

Physical or Psychological?

There are ways to determine if the function loss is as a result of physical reasons, one of the simplest is to monitor night time erections. However, just because you may not be experiencing night time erections doesn't provide conclusive evidence that the problem is physical, as sleep disorders and depression can interfere in this process.

A Healthier Lifestyle

For many affected men, a healthier lifestyle and specific exercising can help – however sometimes more specialist treatment may be required. As this treatment is more likely to succeed the earlier you get help, and the healthier you are, there's definitely nothing to lose by switching to a healthier lifestyle - it all helps.

Erection Quality can almost definitely be improved with specific exercises and a healthier lifestyle.

There really is no need to suffer and always keep in mind the earlier you do something about any problems – the better the outcome.

*Statistics from City University London.

Further Information on Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction Here

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