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For a Stronger Erection Stop Smoking

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Just think of your erection stop smoking!

Stop Smoking - Start Improving Your Erection

It will allow you to do this.....

you're losing a habit that destroys your erection - so why not look forward to gaining turb boost for your erection. That is Erection Kaizens's way of helping you stop smoking - things like this will be possible and feel fantastic - so think of all that you can gain!

Continue to Smoke

If you want a penis that will over the years get smaller and smaller, and softer and softer.

Want a Harder, Longer Penis?

If you want a penis that can get longer, harder and more erect as your body begins to heal and treat itself, then stop smoking.

Do You Value Your Erection enough to Stop Smoking

We have to have a reason for doing something or not doing something otherwise what's the point?

Not smoking will give you so many benefits. For Men it is even more important to not smoke - as the penis is one of the first parts of our body to suffer.

Happiness or Sadness?

The reason for smoking for most people is satisfaction – satisfying a need, plus a whole host of other reasons such as time out, and perceived relaxation.

Smoking undoubtedly provides short term happiness, but long term sadness - due to a penis that gets smaller and softer.

Short Term Vs Long Term

Long Term

Think of the bigger picture and every time you want a cigarette think of your penis becoming erect, and the pleasure that this can give you, compared to the sadness of seeing your erection gradually wilt over the years.

Short Term

Smoking that cigarette, is bit by bit, (drag by drag) damaging your arteries all over your body. The smaller arteries to your penis will be the first suffer.

The Penis is rarely mentioned in Quit Smoking Campaigns

Continuing to smoke gives long term sadness due to all the regularly spoken about, negative health aspects associated with smoking. However one thing is for sure -  the rarely spoken about negative affect upon your penis, will catch up with you sooner or later.

Why it affects the penis more:

Due to the arteries that supply blood to the penis being narrow - they are the first to display problems.

The Doom & Gloom

The big long term sadness may come when you notice your erection is not what it once was. This will get worse and worse.

The Cheerful Optimism

For a stronger erection stop smoking rection Kaizen style - with your penis and erection at the forefront of your mind. As opposed to the focus upon giving up a habit - as this may initially make you feel depressed and irritable, it is only for such a relatively short period of time. Instead of dwelling upon the negative aspect, we need you to focus upon all the positives that you can begin to look forward to in your body.

Short term misery – but long term happiness especially with erection kaizen training to help you.

Your health will be better in so many ways, you'll be free of the habit and you'll have great erections to look forward to.

Just Think of Your Erection

For a Stronger Erection Stop Smoking

If you want a soft penis that will over the years get smaller and smaller then continue to smoke. If you want a penis that can get longer, harder and more erect as your body begins to heal then stop smoking.

You really can enjoy stopping to smoke

For a Stronger Erection Stop Smoking but get a longer, harder and more erect penis!

Every time you crave a cigarette - crave your erection instead!

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