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Make Your Erection Stronger

Penis Exercise #6

Mindfulness and pelvic floor exercisesMindfulness and Penis Exercises.

This Exercise really will make your erection stronger - an advanced exercise combining Penis Exercise 1 and 4. The ultimate exercise to make your penis harder.

Breathing with your Penis and Anus

This may sound strange but it is a great way to gain control of the muscles. It takes a little practice, but I'd encourage you to give it a go... time this can produce some powerful feelings and contractions.

The Perfect Alone Time!

Make Your Erection Stronger with Mindfulness!

This exercise does encourage total focus - which is basically mindfulness. When we are focussing upon nothing else but the contractions in our body - we are able intensify them. This more intense the contraction, the more the muscles will grow stronger and help with the whole erection process.  The mindfulness bits where you need this focus I have outlined below as visualisation, so when you get to this point - if your mind drifted away from this, will be a reminder for focus back again upon the wonderful feelings that you will experience....

.........Find Somewhere Private & Relaxing

It is good to be in a place where you feel comfortable and can give you some privacy. All you need is a few minutes...

Step 1. Your Penis & Anus

Make the same contraction as for Penis Exercise 1 - as if you are trying to stop a stream of urine and wind escaping whilst pulling up slightly.

Contract as hard as you can, making sure you don't hold your breath, and that the rest of your body is relaxed 

Hold this contraction and then squeeze a bit more - Visualise Imagine you're pulling the base of your penis to your anus. As you do this imagine your penis curling round and in to your body.

Continue to hold and squeeze just a bit more - Visualise   Imagine your penis being drawn up and curling even further up and into your body as you squeeze your anus really hard. 

Hold for as long as you can, whilst you notice the sensations from within your body.

Visualise  Begin to imagine your penis and anus coming closer and closer together - the gap between shortening all the time as you pull them up into your body.

Then Relax!

2. Pushing Your Penis Up To Your Navel

Make the opposite movement to the above by doing Penis Exercise 4.

Relax as much as you can and imagine gently pushing your anus up towards your tail-bone

Feel the muscles relaxing and then continue this further into a stretch.

Push the base of your penis up towards your navel - Visualise   imagine gradually pushing your anus and penis away from each other. This involves more visualisation than any other aspect.

Further increase the intensity with Visualise  by imagining you are blowing a balloon up at the base of your penis. A similar contraction as if you were to gently force a stream of urine out a bit quicker. Or imagine you are pushing your penis out visualise it getting bigger & bigger as it also gets longer, whilst your anus pushes back to your tail bone.

Then Relax!

3. Breathing into Your Penis & Your Anus

When you breathe out - carry out step 1 as above and squeeze everything together. Visualise  helps to really draw everything in tightly, almost as if the base of your penis and your anus are being sucked in to your body as the air leaves your lungs and draws everything up.

When you breath in carry out step 1 as above and really relax. Visualise   as air draws into your body, relax further into a stretch and imagine gently forcing air down and along to your penis and your anus - pushing them away from each other.

That is one cycle of breathing, in which not only are you able to exercise specific muscles to make your erection stronger, but also practice mindfulness and enjoy the many benefits it offers.

Repeat as many times as you like! When you first start it may be hard to focus for long and also the muscles can become fatigued so start with a few breaths and gradually increase.


May Just Reduce Stress Also

I hope you enjoy making your erection stronger, if you enjoy it you'll be doing it more often, so work on making it as enjoyable for yourself as possible and then results will soon come. As well as making your erection stronger - it will give you a nice bit of relaxation time and help reduce stress levels - so this can be a powerful exercise.

Will Exercising Your Penis strengthen Your Erection

This exercise is improving the muscles of the pelvic floor which support an erection. Reduced muscle tone in some of the muscles of the Pelvic Floor are implicated in reduced erection quality. There are certain muscles involved in making the penis rigid during an erection, and it is proven in many studies, that exercising the muscles of the pelvic floor can increase erection quality.

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