Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

All About Erection Training - Is it for You?

erection training for to improve qualityErection Training to make your erection stronger.

We exercise every other part of our body to make it strong and keep it in good condition. Your penis and testicles - your virility can also be trained.

Exercising For Your Penis

The body systems that support your penis to give a good quality erection all respond to training just like the rest of your body - they can be strengthened to improve erection quality.

Get Yourself A Stronger Erection!

If your erection has become weaker,

or you want to see how hard you can make it!...

.....there are many things that can help...

Most of the time your erection will become stronger with the right training, but one thing that can scupper everything, without you even realising is anxiety. Even if we do not feel anxious it does not take a lot for our sexual responses to be dampened down.  Don't be concerned or have any worry -  but instead have happy times enjoying your training. Even if you struggle to get an erection, don't worry - there's every chance things can be improved.

What will work for you?

This depends upon the cause of a weaker erection - We do not always need to worry about the cause.  The whole process of gaining an erection is quite complex, there are many of the body's systems that play a part. Whether the problem is weaker muscles, poor blood flow or even psychological - all these work together and one can affect the other.

If the muscles that support an erection become weaker with age (just like the rest of your body), your erection can become weaker. This can affect how we think and play on our mind - causing a psychological problem.

Or a psychological problem such as anxiety can have more of an impact if the muscles that support an erection are weaker, or blood flow is compromised.

If you have:

  • strong blood flow (conditioning your blood vessels with general exercise and healthy lifestyle)
  • strong supporting muscles (from very specific exercise)
  • a good hormone profile (through exercise, lifestyle and happiness)

any psychological problems can be overridden.

When we are young - because everything is in tip top condition the psychological issues are less likely to affect us!

Strengthening Your Erection Is Proven To Work

It is accepted that exercise and training can make our whole body function better.  Your penis and the processes that support its function are no different - they can be improved, strengthened and conditioned, just as any other part of your body - with exercise and a healthier lifestyle.  Erection training is proven to work - it will improve your erection - making it stronger, and your whole body will be fitter and stronger as a result. Problems, even when quite severe can be treated - erectile dysfunction can also be treated with these methods, many of which are used in the NHS.

Erection Training - Something to Try!

Even if you don't have a problem it's good to keep everything in tip top condition and make the most of what you have - see just how strong it can become! If you are keen to try erection exercises, just to see how strong you can make your erection, you'll be pleased to know you'll be helping the rest of your body too - making your whole body fitter and healthier. Just don't take it too seriously!

Don't forget about lifestyle and stress!

The exercises are always a good place to start - however they can only do so much on their own.

If you are exercising to improve blood flow to the penis be aware that your lifestyle can have a bigger impact.

Exercising will improve the condition of your blood vessels but you can be fighting a losing battle if you're really stressed or smoke. Stress on it's own can be bad news for strong erections in the short term as well as the long term. Smoking, an unhealthy diet and stress - will have a big impact upon your erection quality.

Improving and managing these will really help improve your erection quality.

You can learn how to do one of the specific penis exercises to improve your erection quality. The other 99 things you can do to improve your erection can be  explained in a personal training session (if you choose the erection training option!).