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Exercise Improves Erection Quality but so does Attitude

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Exercise improves erection quality, but so does a positive mindset and a playful attitude. I'll aim to give you a plan for any one of these (or all three).

A Positive Mindset & Playful Attitude

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The only reason I don't publicise these details is due to having to protect my methods. The Exercise aspect is well documented and so the rest of this page is all about the Exercise effect.

However these other aspects involving your attitude are just as important - if not more - in dealing with the psychological aspects of erections. These are techniques I have developed within the Harper Capability and so protect them - but happy to share them with genuine clients like you.

But the only way I'll tell you more is to share them with you in a 1:1 session.

Looking at what works

Many studies demonstrate erectile dysfunction can be overcome with exercise - also confirmed with Harper Capability - plus it helps the man with no erection problems get HARDer too.

Exercise + Habit = Harder Erections for every man

All types of Exercise can help improve erection quality. Poor erection quality has many causes, and given that exercise can target and improve many different body functions, is why a whole mix of exercise is just what the orders.

The following looks at one study to see how we can improve erection quality with exercise - to establish if it is the type of exercise carried out, or the duration of the programme that gives the results.

Can Exercise Help Erections No Matter What the cause?

Exercise is proven to help erectile dysfunction caused as a result of poor blood flow from atherosclerosis (arteries becoming clogged).

Research tends to focus upon participants that have erectile dysfunction due to cardiovascular disease and the resulting poor blood flow to the penis. Yet there are many other factors that cause erectile dysfunction. Exercise helps virtually all body processes - it is not just limited to the blood vessels, which is why it as one aspect of Harper Capability. Therefore some of the many other causes of erectile dysfunction may be helped both directly and indirectly as a result of exercise.

Exercise Type

This is only for effect - the results are actually in the 3 or four hours post exercise - true erection Kaizen style! However the harder we exercise - at the actual time our penis can go very flaccid and a lot smaller than normal - due to blood being diverted away to the working muscles - but as soon as we've recovered - the blood flow post exercise will be increased - more than normal - so your flaccid penis will be bigger than your normal and more likely it is that you'll be erect. All we neeed do is find out which exercise will help you from the erection kaizen training...

One study that showed significant increase in erection quality as a result of exercise, used three different exercise types, as opposed the normal single type: aerobic exercise (Exercise that involves working major muscle groups that results in the participant being significantly out of breath, for a period of time.)

How Exercise Improves Erection Quality

The improvements were seen due to exercise affecting processes in the body that control blood flow. Poor erection quality can be as a result of many factors but it is estimated that 40% of erectile dysfunction cases in men aged 50 or over are as a result of blood vessels disease.

However even though the training only included men with vascular disease – many factors effect erection quality. Depression is known to cause erection problems and exercise has been proven to be as effective as anti-depressants for treating moderate depression. This demonstrates that the exact way that exercise improves erection quality is as a result of many factors and also why Erection Kaizen training covers many aspects as - here are so many processes involved with gaining an erection - all supported by different parts of our body. It is known that exercise improves our body in so many ways - causing it to adapt and grow stronger. Parts of the body that contribute to gaining an erections will grow stronger as a result of exercise and so help to directly and indirectly improve erection quality. 

What type of Exercise

With so many different types of exercise it can be difficult to know what exercise improves erection quality, but the study did not just use aerobic exercise which can be harder to integrate into a busy life - it used two others:

Resistance training (Adding resistance in the form of weight or tension to make the muscle work harder) and general exercise exercise were also used in the study.

Combining all three exercise types may be the answer to improving erection quality whatever the cause - which is exactly what Harper Capability encourages. Three types of exercise stimulate the body not only in three different ways, but also target three different body systems. This is sure to have every success in treating erection quality no matter what the cause is.

Sustaining Exercise

The exercise programme did last for a longer period of time than some others have, so whether the good improvements were seen as a result of this extra time, or by combining different types of exercise it is difficult to know. However common sense perhaps tells us it is probably both and that is what Harper Capability does.

What the studies do not focus upon is the long term effects. It is normally accepted that if the exercise is stopped, the body will gradually revert back to its pre training state – so it is not known how long the effects last for in the absence of exercise.  The level of exercise in the study was enough to treat erectile dysfunction. If this is continued then it is fair to assume improvements will also continue to a point. In order to maintain improvements, a lesser amount of exercise may be sufficient.

You wont go wrong with exercise

Exercise is proven to help the body by directly effecting the processes that control bodily functions.

If all 3 types of exercise are carried out, all body systems will be improved, and the chances are the body process causing erection problems will be targetted and improved.

Exercising in moderation definitely wont do you any harm, so if you want to improve erection quality then this has to be worth a try.

The Study about exercise