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Exercise increases erection quality and treats erectile dysfunction.

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Physical exercise or activity increases erection quality. We can do this conventionally or unconventionally - choose what inspires you.

Erectile Dysfunction Can be Treated with Exercise

Exercise has been proven to help treat erectile dysfunction, yet specialists and urologists often do not address the fact that lifestyle is an important factor in helping erection quality. Studies have shown that men who are put on an exercise program of either interval training or any form of aerobic training see an improvement in erection quality, compared to men that did not participate in an exercise program.

How Exercise Increases erection quality

Exercise increases the amount of certain chemicals such as Nitric Oxide and produces changes in some hormones and there receptors. During exercise there is a body warming effect that can help to relax the arteries, which is just what an an erection needs – maximum inflow of blood and restricted outflow. Continued training gives a prolonged effect.

The longer term effects also include reduced inflammation but also the more we exercise the more the arteries stay wider to help blood flow to the working muscles hours after exercise has finished - which is why this is an aspect of  training as it - helps to keep the arteries clearer. Inflammation is a factor in atherosclerosis (furring up of the artery walls) which in time reduces the all important blood flow to the penis which through some other interventions we can aim to reverse if you wish, though this would be a longer term plan.

Exercise Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Exercise has been proven to help treat erectile dysfunction which is great news for anyone with any erection problems or concerns. If it is proven to treat erectile dysfunction then it can definitely help increase erection quality.

What exercise

The type of exercise is very individual, firstly it needs to be something that you can enjoy or at least tolerate – as you will have to do it for ever if results are to last. However during your training it will become very clear what exercise will be ideal for you - the one that you enjoy! And we can make sure it's an exercise - increases erection type!

Exercise Intensity

The exercise needs to stress your body enough so that you are out of breath and can not hold a conversation due to the exertion needed. For some people this may be a brisk walk, for others cycling or running. Even digging the garden or doing the housework counts – absolutely anything that will make you out of breath. This will then provide the stimulus for your body to adapt and meet the demands you are placing upon it.

Not use to Exercise?

If you are not use to exercising, have any health conditions or there are any doubts it is really important that you answer a few questions honestly.

Exercise Duration.

Interval Training has been proven to work. This involves a work phase and a relaxation phase. What will work best for you may take some experimentation - which I can help you with as we progress through your training. 

Why does this work

Each time your body is stressed it will receive the signal to adapt. 1 work phase = 1 signal. 5 work phases = 5 signals and therefore quicker results. This is the main reason why interval training as an exercise increases erection quality so effectively and relatively quickly - in as little as 8 weeks. However I have some secret training methods to help it give a similar effect to above!

Keep it simple

If you are doing something to make you out of breath, even for a short period of time, then that will be beneficial. The more you do, the more will the results be, so do whatever fits in with your lifestyle. You don't have to devote time to it – try incorporating it into your everyday life – walking quicker to work or even taking the stairs - walking / running up them will count as one interval. There's many ways I can help you seamlessly slot it into your everyday life and it will become a habit you barely have to even think about.


Knowing that you can have a better, stronger erection from exercise has to be a great motivator for many to do just that bit more.  Every morning remind yourself that exercise increases erection quality, and think about how you can slot it into the day ahead of you.

The Research A meta analysis study finding exercise increases erection quality