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How to Get Stronger Erections

Advanced Pelvic Floor with Mindfulness

How to get stronger erections either DIY or with specialist personal training to discover techniques and advanced pelvic floor exercises to strengthen muscles around your penis and anus, improve blood flow, ways to boost testosterone, encourage happiness, mindfulness for calm, control and focus.

Erection Training

Basic pelvic floor exercises will work to a degree to improve erection quality – but there is so much more to be gained with advanced instruction and training.

  • Stronger Erection
  • More Control of Penis, Anus and testicles
  • Greater Sensations
  • Improved Sexual Response

How to Get Stronger Erections

DIY here's the introduction

Specialist Erection Training details below...

Erection Training is proven to work

All methods have been shown to help men with erectile dysfunction improve erection quality. If you have erectile dysfunction or would just like to know how to get stronger erections to see how hard you can go then this really will work for.

Training Methods to Improve Erection Quality

Erection training uses the following in varying degrees depending upon what your assessment indicates which of these will help you the most.

  1. Pelvic Floor Exercise
  2. Advanced Pelvic Floor Exercise
  3. Unique Techniques
  4. Focus
  5. General Exercise
  6. Lifestyle Change (if needed)

You Choose the Style

Western Medical Style
Eastern Martial Art Style
Gym Style

Choose just one or all.

1.Pelvic Floor Exercise

There are many muscles at the base of our pelvis that control our penis, anus, and our sexual response which can be strengthened like any other. There are some really simple exercises that you can learn to do and give you greater control of sexual organs, keep everything working well and improve erection quality.

2.Advanced Pelvic Floor Exercise

There are many muscles surrounding our anus, penis, testicles and even by our prostate that all can help to improve sexual; response and function. Initially when we work these muscles to strengthen them – many are contracted at once, but the more we practice the more we can focus upon moving them independently – to give some great sensations and specific results.

3.Unique Techniques

Getting control of individual muscles does take practice – so I'll show you how to enjoy your practice time plus show you some techniques to target certain muscles more easily from day one and you'll soon begin to see how to get stronger erections.


It's all about focus - real focus upon what you are doing with no other thoughts entering your head. It is really useful for erection training so that we can get more and more control of the muscles that we are using at different times. As we are not use to using them it takes a lot to get control of them, then once we learn to control them we can build their strength. To get this initial control - mindfulness really helps - it gives total focus upon what we are doing and what we are feeling, as when exercising our arm - it is obvious when we are doing it right - it lifts the weight! When exercising muscles around our penis and anus - sometimes the results are not always visible but we need feedback - this comes from internal sensations. Real focus allows us to really pick up these internal sensations and allow for greater intensity of contraction which will in time help you get stronger erections.

5.General Exercise

This is proven to help blood flow – which is what an erection is all about. The above all help to strengthen the muscles that can increase pressure of blood in the penis which is how to get a stronger erection, but if maximum blood is entering then they'll be maximum results. This can be enjoyable and quick! If you like exercise then great, but even if you don't we can find some way to get you to like it! Plus there is a massive incentive!

6.Lifestyle Change

You don't have to live like a monk (though Buddhist monks may know a thing or two!), but one thing is for sure – there are some small changes that we can all make that can make a big difference to our erection quality and when combined with all the above really does give some great results. Lifestyle change can be helped with a good attitude of mind – something which our penis can help with!

Styles of Erection Training

Western Medical Style

This uses muscle names and informs in a slight medical way what is happening within our body as we are training – to give an understanding of why we are doing what we are doing. This can enable us to do that bit more when we are really informed about the particular benefits we are training and helps us to do more and more.

Eastern Martial Art Style

This is all about the focus and really getting into the 'zone' to feel every single part of your body like never before. Uses specific scenarios - from combat to sexual discovery with your body, to train the specific muscles with intensity and force to give the results you want. Mindfulness on your sexual organs in many forms.

Gym Style

We may be exercising different muscles but he way we do it will be more like what you may be use to. Once we have you tuned into your body and familiarised with the exercises – we'll develop an individualised workout for you with how many reps and sets that you need to do with each. The focus may be more upon any movement and that exercise ache – though both very very subtle!

Showing You How to Get Stronger Erection

I hope all that makes sense, the main thing to know is that we really can improve our erection quality. All this has really worked for me and many others – though reviews just don't happen – I'm sure you can understand why. This has really changed my whole outlook and made me feel younger and so much more sexual again and there's no reason why it wont do the same for you too!

Evidence Based and Safe

This is all proven to work and totally safe! You have a specialist personal trainer who is also GP referral qualified and an NHS nurse to deliver a training programme that is not just effective but also gives a great fitness experience.

How to Get Stronger Erections  Cost 


All information you give is totally confidential. I do not and never will share it with anyone else. Confidentiality was a big part of my nursing career and due to the sensitive and personal nature of this training - every aspect is confidential - from initial enquiry through to training session and on-going support, never to be shared or discussed with anyone!

How To Get Stronger Erection Training lasts for 2 hours.

Bedford Gym: £75. 

Personal Training London (Central, North, East and West London): £80

Personal Training GB and South London: enter your location below for a cost.

Erection Training

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