Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

How to Get Stronger Erections Plus The deeper YOU

Advanced Pelvic Floor with Mind

How to get stronger erections with specialist personal training to discover techniques and advanced pelvic floor exercises to strengthen muscles around your penis and anus, improve blood flow, ways to boost testosterone, encourage happiness, mindfulness for calm, control and focus.

Erection Training

Basic pelvic floor exercises will work to a degree to improve erection quality – but there is so much more to be gained with advanced instruction and training.

  • Stronger Erection
  • More Control of Penis, Anus and testicles
  • Greater Sensations
  • Improved Sexual Response

Get Stronger Erections with the Virility Workout

In the Virility workout we train every body system that inputs into the erection process, testosterone levels, libido, and that 'Male' feeling. What all this means is very individual - thus the Virility Workout is 100% individual depending upon what aspect you want to improve.

Training Methods to Improve Erection Quality

Erection training uses the following in varying degrees depending upon what your assessment indicates which of these will help you the most.

  1. Pelvic Floor Exercise
  2. Advanced Pelvic Floor Exercise
  3. Unique Techniques
  4. Focus
  5. General Exercise
  6. Lifestyle Change (if needed)
  7. something extra - YOU

1.Pelvic Floor Exercise

There are many muscles at the base of our pelvis that control our penis, anus, and our sexual response which can be strengthened like any other. There are some really simple exercises that you can learn to do and give you greater control of sexual organs, keep everything working well and improve erection quality.

2.Advanced Pelvic Floor Exercise

There are many muscles surrounding our anus, penis, testicles and even by our prostate that all can help to improve sexual; response and function. Initially when we work these muscles to strengthen them – many are contracted at once, but the more we practice the more we can focus upon moving them independently – to give some great sensations and specific results.


3.Unique Techniques

Getting control of individual muscles does take practice – so I'll show you how to enjoy your practice time plus show you some techniques to target certain muscles more easily from day one and you'll soon begin to see how to get stronger erections, and gain greater ejaculation control.


It's all about focus - real focus upon what you are doing with no other thoughts entering your head. It is really useful for erection training so that we can get more and more control of the muscles that we are using at different times. As we are not use to using them it takes a lot to get control of them, then once we learn to control them we can build their strength. To get this initial control - mindfulness really helps - it gives total focus upon what we are doing and what we are feeling, as when exercising our arm - it is obvious when we are doing it right - it lifts the weight! When exercising muscles around our penis and anus - sometimes the results are not always visible but we need feedback - this comes from internal sensations. Real focus allows us to really pick up these internal sensations and allow for greater intensity of contraction which will in time help you get stronger erections.

5.General Exercise

This is proven to help blood flow – which is what an erection is all about. The above all help to strengthen the muscles that can increase pressure of blood in the penis which is how to get a stronger erection, but if maximum blood is entering then they'll be maximum results. This can be enjoyable and quick! If you like exercise then great, but even if you don't we can find some way to get you to like it! Plus there is a massive incentive!

6.Lifestyle Change

You don't have to live like a monk (though Buddhist monks may know a thing or two!), but one thing is for sure – there are some small changes that we can all make that can make a big difference to our erection quality and when combined with all the above really does give some great results. Lifestyle change can be helped with a good attitude of mind – something which our penis can help with!

7 Something Extra - YOU

This may be specifically for your mind or body - or 'You" in general. The techniques and exercises may include your penis, your testicles, your body or just your mind. Or perhaps the real depths of you - wherever that takes us.  You may want to explore your virility at one level, with a straight forward physical exercise or you may want to, or need to,  go deep into your mind - or anywhere between your mind and your penis. 

Coaching You to Get Stronger Erection