Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Improve your Health - then your fitness - and then...


Health is actually what inspired me to switch from a more medical NHS based career into fitness training - I am passionate about using our own body to heal and maintain - as when given the chance it will.

What scuppers our body's ability to do this is perhaps two things - knowledge (knowing how to help ourself) and motivation (continuing to live healthy (whatever that may mean)).

How I aim to help you love becoming healthier

Am I talking about our physical health, our mental health or perhaps our wider sexual being, or are perhaps all interlinked?

Sometimes we don't perhaps need to identify what we need to improve, at any particular time but just give our body and mind what it needs to help us manage and flourish in our life.

With many training aspects - I wonder what may help you? Well the answer to that soon becomes clear in the first training session - which is an introduction to my type of exercise instruction, combined with a chat to gain an idea of you!

What is my type of exercise instruction?

Anything that is sustainable!

So by that I mean any fitness workout that is sustainable for you

So if you have equipment at home, then yes we can use that, but what happens if you travel a lot and your equipment is not with you. Or perhaps your lifestyle means you can't devote a whole period of time in one go, perhaps 1 minute here and there in whatever you're dressed in, wherever you are will work.

There are so many aspects to this - suffice to say - I can do the conventional or the totally unconventional, anything that will fit into your life but ultimately something you can learn to enjoy and embrace due to all the benefits that it will give you in the months ahead.

So, my type of exercise instruction can be anything - honestly there are so many approaches to health training - and the one that we can use is the one that will work for you. How do we find out the health exercise training that will work for you? Before your first session I'll ask you a variety of questions, your answers will give me an idea of what we can try in your first session. As your first fitness session with me progresses - I'll begin to get to know you and what seems to inspire you. I'm friendly and approachable, so equally please feel free to tell me also, as that can speed up the process, to you getting an enjoyable health and fitness session that inspires and invigorates your whole being!

And that is the trick to improving your health through exercise... is all about you, what makes you come alive and also...


  • what inspires you to discover all parts of your being. A health and fitness session can actually do this, sometimes the first session is enough, sometimes more are needed - but I have various ways of helping you get in touch with all parts of you. Then you'll want to work out more, live a healthier lifestyle and give your body and mind more of what it needs to be as healthy as possible.
  • what you enjoy, not just by having a nice time, but hopefully something a bit deeper than that, something that connects to all parts of your being!

Perhaps I've said enough for you to gain an opinion as to whether you're intrigued enough to contact me, or you just think it's all a bit too different for you.

Please feel free to contact me...