Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

How To Get Stronger Erections

The London Personal Trainer getting ready for erection coachingLearn how to get stronger erections - naturally.

Why the Erection Training

Erection Training is my specialist subject. I'm trained in physiology at University - experienced in Cardiology - and what does a good erection need - plenty of blood!

How to get stronger erections with specially devised targeted exercise to strengthen the parts of your body (and mind) that contribute to the erection process.

Specialist Personal Training for all men of any age, fitness level and any current erection level

 Learning How to Get stronger erections - the ultimate fitness incentive.

You may:

  • just want to see how strong your erection can be
  • or have erection problems...

...either way at least one training that can help you and in the process your whole body will be fitter and healthier.

Learn how to get stronger erections by improving:

  • blood flow
  • hormone levels
  • strength of your erection muscle (part of your pelvic floor)
  • happiness and contentment (as in video above)
  • lifestyle change

We will find out which aspects will help you the most

Warning - the following video includes nudity and an erection so please close this page now if you do not want to know how to improve your erection quality

Using the power of your body to boost your erection...

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A longer term health & fitness goal.

Training your body to boost your erection...

Just as you may workout to get your arm stronger - we can workout to get your erection stronger. It is more complex, but with specially devised and targeted exercise, combined with erection boosting lifestyle change - well over 90% of men can strengthen their erection.

  • The right exercise is like a medicine - in fact it can be as good as any medicine and this erection training will outperform Viagra. Not in acute context - but long term as these erection improvements last forever not just whilst the medication is in your body.
  • Exercise is the stimulus for our body to grow stronger. If we get the right exercise we can stimulate all your body systems that help with the erection process - and there are many!
  • Our mind/body connection is so very important for strong erections - so learning how to get stronger erections is also about 'tuning in' to your penis and your body more. Something that this modern day world of entertainment at our fingertips actively discourages. So I have various ways to help different personality types tune in and connect again.

This session will establish what will help you the most and give you a daily training regime to boost your erection quality.

Time spent looking after your penis will pay you back many times over - not only by improving your sex life but also improving your overall health and well being.

The Training Principles

There are many different aspects to the training: blood flow, strengthening muscles that help build pressure of blood in penis, boost control of muscles around genitals, as well as improve overall fitness and happiness. What aspects of the training programme will work for you we will find out. If not one thing stands out, as can happen with a gradual deterioration due to age, then we will do a bit of everything! One thing is for sure - you're whole body will feel better and be stronger.

A whole range of whole body exercise depending upon your fitness level. These boost blood flow and testosterone.

This session will be very informative - I'll show you how you can get stronger erections using the power of your body, focussing upon what your body needs but also aims to be enjoyable. Discovering certain muscles and learning to control them can start to give rise to or allow rediscovery of a whole new range of sensations. This allows for a greater connection and focus, which also leads to relaxation and time for you to de stress and enjoy improving the fitness of your body.

Strengthening Muscles Around Your Penis

We have muscles attached to our penis and just like all muscles - after the age of 30 they start to lose strength. This training will show you how to get control of these muscles and during your session we'll strengthen them with various exercises and techniques. You'll also learn how you can get stronger erections by doing them during your normal day - which can make you feel really good. This on it's own can help you manage stress or simply just really appreciate your body on another level - in all sorts of situations.

Improving Your Fitness

Our penis needs support from our whole body to get erect - good blood flow and hormone profile can be improved in many ways. We can try a whole range of exercise and see what will push you to your limits! This way you'll really get some quick results.

With different exercise you'll really be able to improve your whole body fitness, through different and wacky bodyweight exercise, Roman style exercises we do together or even wrestling. Plus there is always the conventional weight training if you'd prefer, but this is geared to improving sexual function more than vanity.

Boosting Testosterone (naturally)

Many ways we do this - some really easy to do and very effective. This will also make you feel great. Hormones, confidence, health and erections are all linked so you'll get some great benefits. Some ways to boost testosterone levels include exercise, but there are others that involve no exercise and can be very relaxing such as mindfulness body scan with particular emphasis upon your testicles and testosterone production.

Managing Stress & Anxiety, Inducing Contentment

This may or may not be an aspect of training that you choose. The importance of being happy and content for erection quality can never be underestimated, as this affects our nervous system. When we are relaxed and happy our parasympathetic nervous system is dominant and an erection is likely. If we are anxious our sympathetic nervous system takes over and an erection is the least of your body's priorities - it is preparing for survival not sex! There are so many ways we can encourage happiness and contentment from within you. Even training naked has been shown to help reduce anxiety and boost confidence, plus exercise is proven to be really effective, as is mindfulness. This training with a focus upon your penis, combined with exercise, mindfulness and being naked can be great for reducing stress and making you feel happy.


There is a psychological aspect to the erection process - more so as we get older and our physical body and hormones may be more affected by anxiety and stress - which really are the enemy of erections. When even slightly anxious our body prepares for survival and not for reproducing, so an erection becomes more unlikely the more stressed we become, Any anxiety about your erection will definitely not help so all you need do is start looking forward to improving learning how to get stronger your erections with a fun training session that will have an element of relaxation, stress control or simply developing a greater connection to your sexual organs and all the muscles that control them.

Mind/Body - Mind/Penis connection

With all sorts of entertainment and distractions, at our finger tips 24 hours a day, we risk losing ability to 'tune in' to our penis - which is such a powerful thing all males need!

Knowledge is Powerful Inspiration Enjoyable, Informative and Motivational Session There's a lot to look forward too!

Learn how to get stronger erections...

Breathing & Relaxation may just be something that helps you get a stronger erection. What works for you we will find out.
The muscles around your penis, scrotum and anus work really well with abdominal muscles. In the process of getting a stronger erection you may also get yourself a six pack!
Learn how to get stronger erection using some simple exercises for your penis.
There's also intense whole body fitness training. When your whole body (and mind)is strong, so too are your erections more likely to be.

Erection Quality & Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of Erection Quality is a decline in hardness, duration and frequency, with no affect on sexual activity

  • Estimated to affect 85% of men age over 40 and 60% of men over age of 35

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get an erection sufficient for sexual activity

  • 52% of Men aged 40-70 have ED
  • 8% of 40 year old men have ED, 40% of 60 year old men

Are Erections Needed?

Learning how to get stronger erections is all about training your whole body and mind - to give you stronger erections in the future. Erections are not needed for any part of this training, however they can happen. 

Informative Training

As above explains - happiness is so important for our erection quality. Whilst this personal training is all about training you how to get stronger erections getting, part of this process includes happiness - being an exciting and different way to train and get your whole body fit, but also knowing that you can improve your erection.

Whilst you are learning how to get stronger erections we will be improving your whole body which gives you a great feeling. This exciting training reverses any negative thoughts associated with a decline in erection quality and instead gives hope and happiness that you are learning how to get stronger erections with a daily training plan which in time will allow you see some real improvements in your erection strength.

An assessment in your first session will help us find the best training methods for you. Sometimes results can be seen in a few weeks, sometimes it can take a little time. Either way I'll ensure you stay motivated and you are pushed as much as possible, or relaxed as much as possible depending upon whether your erection quality may be related to physical health or psychological in nature.

Whichever the cause this personal training gives the chance to get to know you and what will really help you the most.