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How I Try and Improve Posture

improving posture with mindfulnessMindfulness to help improve posture

I am constantly having to remind myself to improve my posture. When I glance at myself as I walk past a mirror, or as yesterday when I saw myself in a video clip – the first thing I notice is my bad posture.  It tends to make me look older and less strong.

Improving our posture is far simpler and initially gives far better results than anything we can do in the gym. All it takes is an idea of how you should be holding yourself. This can be gained from looking at your reflection in the mirror as you walk past or by mindfulness. Often our mind remembers exactly where every body part should be. This can be accessed through mindfulness techniques and something I need to do more often.

Mindfulness is one way To Improve Posture

Try it for yourself this really works for me and I hope it will for you

Simply stand up with your feet firmly planted to the floor. Close your eyes and focus upon how your weight passes through your body and into your feet. Notice if the weight is spread throughout your whole foot or is it just the heel or the toes? Also notice where every limb and body part is – how is everything hanging? As you begin to become aware of your body parts, you may find that you naturally, without thinking begin to alter your posture - and before you know it you're standing tall and differently.

Here are just a few questions to consider when you are standing with your eyes closed:

Is your weight spread evenly throughout your feet?

Are your hips rotated too far forward or back?

Is your pelvic floor relaxed?

Do you have a neutral (natural curve to your) spine?

Are your hands at your side or slightly forward?

Where are your shoulders?

Is your head forward, back or upright?

Improve Posture?

As I ask myself all these questions I find my body beginning to improve my posture all on it's own. It really does help some people and I hope it does for you too - you can always let me know what happens here.

Need a Real Quick Fix

Using this mindfulness technique is a longer term method to improve posture. If you need a real quick short term fix that does not need lots of mental or physical effort - there is another way:

Choose to Improve Your Posture With Personal Training

You can use tape - this web site even explains about the merits of Duct tape!