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Improve Your Erection with exercise

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A nice Penis Exercise for you - do it every day and you should begin to notice a difference - if not contact me for help if you want...

The Penis exercise to improve your erection:

How to:

1. When Going to the Loo
When you are (details now covered in 1:1 Virility Coaching)

2. Feel Your Anus Contract

Placing a fingertip on (details now covered in 1:1 Virility Coaching)

3. Feeling The Contraction in Your Perineum
....on your perineum (area between scrotum and anus) as you do the penis exercise (details now covered in 1:1 Virility Coaching) - experiment and see what works for you!

If you can't do any of the above... Then the following exercise will not work for you yet. Keep practising with the Penis Exercise 1 and very soon the contraction will become stronger so that you can feel it.  

Exercise To Improve Your Erection

... your thighs and buttocks are relaxed. Don't hold your breath – just breathe normally. If you feel an ache then stop. Ensure you do not put too much pressure (details now covered in 1:1 Virility Coaching

Erection Help, Support & Strengthening in any Personal Training Session.

Some things can be difficult to learn from an online guide - you just need to be shown some different techniques, on an individual basis, to gain more control.

Plus what works for one may not for another. A specialist personal coaching session with me can help you find out what will work for you, and show you how to easily master some effective techniques to strengthen your erection.

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