Should Men Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Pelvic Floor muscles support the whole erection process.

Definitely YES!

Here's why men should exercise their pelvic floor muscles, and call it the - Penis Exercise!

Why You Should Exercise Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Stronger muscles = stronger erection!

The pelvic floor muscles are the same as all other muscles in our body - they can weaken over time - but they can also be strengthened.

These muscles support the erection process and if they are weak - so to may your erection be.

Really Easy - Really Effective!

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles is really easy to do and one of the first things to try if you want to improve your erection. Exercising the pelvic floor muscles is a proven and recognised treatment by the NHS and specialist practitioners to treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual health / bladder problems.

Call It The Penis Exercise - that's where you'll see the improvement!

The purpose of this exercising is to improve your penis function - improving your erection. Referring to this exercise as the Penis Exercise provides constant reinforcement as to exactly why you are doing it. Calling it the Penis Exercise provides greater motivation, encourages us to exercise more often and to increase the exercise intensity - which then increases results. Our mind plays an important role, to really stimulate the muscles to the maximum. If we are exercising our pelvic floor - our mind does not always make the connection so easily to what we are doing - improving our erection! Constantly thinking of it as the Penis Exercise can make us feel more masculine, and provide even more incentive to push yourself that bit harder - to make your penis that bit harder!

Like any exercises, they all need to be sustained - otherwise results will gradually fade. Calling the exercises - the Penis Exercise should ensure that you never forget to do it!

A Penis Exercise

The muscles we are exercising are are referred to by the NHS as: Pelvic Floor Exercises or Kegels, which are strengthening exercises proven to increase muscle tone and strengthen erections.

The muscles that we are exercising - the pelvic floor muscles - are a group of muscles that help support penis function. When the muscle tone in these muscles is increased, so to is the erection in many cases. If the cause of poor erection quality is due to psychological reasons then this exercise may not help - but it will definitely not do any harm (as long doing the exercises does not add to your anxiety), in which case you could just try and enjoy the feelings and sensations that you get from within whilst carrying them out - rather than thinking too much about gaining an erection.

Increase Testosterone

When carrying out the exercising you will experience feelings ranging from - increased masculinity to becoming slightly aroused or both. However sometimes you may not feel aroused - but an erection or arousal is not needed and so you can still exercise at any time!

Exercising - to make your penis powerful and strong can also increase testosterone.  All this extra testosterone can also help improve your erection, as there are many factors involved and hormones contribute to the erection process.  When you are carrying out the exercise - if you adopt a manly stance - such as wide open limbs it is proven testosterone levels can be raised even further.  As well as increasing testosterone - you will also be increasing your libido!

What are the Pelvic Floor Muscles

The pelvic floor muscles are like a hammock – a strip of muscle stretching from the tail bone to the pubic bone at the front of your body, helping to control the bowel, bladder and sexual function.

The Particular Muscles We're Exercising

The bulbospongiosus muscle expels the last drops of urine from the urethra after emptying the bladder, and to expel semen during ejaculation.  However when we are contracting and exercising the pelvic floor muscles - the bulbospongiosus just happens to be one that we are feeling as a gauge of intensity. The others such as the ischiocavernosus muscles (either side of the bulbospongiosus) that help to increase hardness of the erect penis, will also be strengthened during the exercising. Initially the exercise does need to be done until you really feel the muscle working and is becoming fatigued - when this happens you know there will be an improvement.

Why should all men exercise pelvic floor muscles - The Penis Exercise?

Exercising improves the muscles that are directly related to the penis, and its functions - and can help men whatever their age.  The pelvic floor muscles respond to stimulus in the same way as any other muscle of the body, by adapting to meet the demands placed upon them. We can stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, just as any other muscle in the body through exercise, to adapt and become stronger - and make our erect penis become stronger.

Read about the Science Here

Enjoying the Benefits!

The muscles that we are exercising are involved with all functions in this genital region and so you may experience other benefits too, some expected, some unexpected - but all enjoyable and capable of making us feel more masculine, which in turn helps boost testosterone. When men exercise pelvic floor muscles they also increase blood flow to the whole genital region, improving the circulation and bringing other long term benefits for the penis.

Should men exercise pelvic floor muscles and call it the Penis Exercise?

When Men Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles they are strengthening muscles that support an erection.

Get yourself stronger muscles - and you'll get yourself a stronger erection!

Plus there are some other reported benefits to look forward to such as:

  • Improvement in your erection - the strength and also the responsiveness.
  • Staying harder for longer
  • A bigger glans even when flaccid - due to increased blood flow - giving more shape and definition to your penis
  • Stronger urine stream
  • Stronger Ejaculations
  • The ability to make yourself gain an erection even when not aroused - through specific exercise.
  • Increased pleasurable sensations in prostate gland
  • The ability to ejaculate hands free
  • Able to more easily achieve an orgasm with prostate stimulation (with and without ejaculation)

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