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Men's Personal Training

Men's Personal Training is just that - training that is personal to you and what you want.

For men of all ages - from all walks of life.

Men's Personal Training

For Men

There is so much out there for women, but less catering specifically for men. You're less likely to hear a guy saying he was going to a mindfulness session, yoga class or health club, but women do this stuff all the time - and are reaping the rewards. Men's Personal Training gives you the chance to gain all these proven benefits too - so that you can feel and look great.  Men's Personal Training seeks to address all the bad lifestyle issues and encourage the healthy - often something that men shun for not being masculine enough. Think of your training not so much as healthy but Quirky, with all that Quirky Training has to offer.

More effective than the Gym

Quirky Training gives men the opportunity to benefit from all the different types of training, for the whole body. Boot Camps and The Gym is all about just the 1 aspect of Exercise. Quirky Training is about 5 aspects. With all 5 aspects, you have 5 times the chance - and five times the options.

Why for Men

There is so much opportunity out there for Women to do a lot of this type of training – yet not so much for Men. Men's personal training seeks to offer Men from all walks of life a chance to gain some of these benefits too, along with specific help for men.

Style Your Life For The Ultimate Look

Unless your under 25, what we do outside of the gym is more important than our Workout.  It may not seem macho to care about what you eat – but when you know it can do the same for your body as a gym workout, it is worth considering. Women have been doing this for years and men need to do the same and embrace a healthier way of living.  Men's Personal Training will help you change your lifestyle. How?

Long or Short

The Short term versus the Long term!  Dining out and having to order the healthy option from the menu may not feel masculine. This is only a short term problem. Long term - you will look more masculine - due to having a greater percentage of muscle and less body fat, looking stronger and younger.  If in the short term, you eat that big lump of steak, and you have not stimulated your muscles enough so that they respond and build – then all that protein will probably be turned to fat. Being fat is not a masculine look and reduces testosterone to further impact masculinity.  Thinking of the long term benefits can actually make us want to make better choices for our health, strength and the way we look.

Men's Personal Training and Testosterone

Men's Personal Training will help boost Testosterone. Whilst it is true that an intense workout in the gym can increase testosterone levels , tiredness and stress will reduce them.  Stress may be the last thing you are worried about – but exercising can increase stress – trying to fit it into your busy life when tired. The effects of stress can undermine all the good work you do in the gym. Cortisol levels may be raised whilst testosterone fall. Yet testosterone is exactly what will help your body become more muscular.

Simply be standing or sitting differently, with wide limbs, and adopting some 'Power Poses' are proven to raise testosterone levels. A quick, easy to do exercise routine that you can do anywhere, at any time even for just a few minutes can help some aspects of your health and fitness more that an hour long session at the gym.

Specific Personal Training for Men

We need to also exercise our penis - so many men don't - but if we don't look after and maintain anything – it will deteriorate. Our penis is no different.  If the muscles and body systems that support it are in good health then everything will remain working as well as it ever did. If we do not keep everything in good condition, then a weaker erection can result. This can happen start happening in the thirties or forties, yet often can be very easily reversed. If nothing is done when we first start to notice problems - the problem can gradually worsen and in many more years, erectile dysfunction is a real possibility. Exercise has been proven as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and when combined with a healthy lifestyle there is every chance that problems will resolve.  If you are beginning to notice a decline in erection quality - it does not have to be an inevitable consequence of ageing - now is the time to do something about it.  Problems with your penis can be an early warning sign of other health problems. The blood vessels that supply the penis are very small and are amongst the first to be affected by lifestyle.  Any problems can be reversed or prevented, simply by training and maintaining your whole body, and with specific penis exercises that all can be carried out fully clothed, just as any normal exercise.

Power of Your Mind

Men's Personal Training utilises the whole of your body, including your Mind. This will maximise gains your body makes as a result of exercise.   Being masculine and strong generally brings to mind exercise and fighting (boxing and wrestling) but you can use your mind to increase the power of your muscles. The science 

Exclusive Training

I want you to be happy with your training. Quirky Training is not for everyone. The information at this site should help you decide if it is for you or not. The Quirky Training I provide will really work for those that embrace it and find the whole idea exciting.It can give great results - and is something that you can continue to do for the rest of your life - and enjoy great benefits too - for the rest of your life.

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