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Written in 2014 with a 2023 update at bottom pf page

Morning Wood like when I was young! A Personal account.

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What has Made My Erection Harder?

Waking up today with morning wood, like when I was young, has encouraged me to write about it and help anyone else who may want to improve their erection quality. This is a personal account of my improving erection - becoming stronger and harder like it use to be.

morning wood - a personal trainers account

This morning I woke and realised I had forgotten what a real hard and throbbing erection felt like. I got morning wood like I have not had for many years.

For once I didn't have to take my morning look in the mirror to work out what my fitness focus for the day should be. It was to be felt upon waking up, my morning erection felt really hard – stronger than normal, I was reminded of how it use to be.

So rather than my normal visual body inspection in the mirror, to see where my body needs improving and planning what I should do in my day to help get this improvement – I find myself in the very rare position of feeling and seeing an improvement and not knowing how it came about! The total opposite of the normal way things go, but a very nice position to be in for once. Morning wood has probably not ever made me so happy, as when I was younger my hard throbbing erections were something I took for granted and perhaps sometimes even felt embarrassed about.

It has only since noticing a weaker erection in the past 10 years or so that I realised how much I missed the feeling of a hard and throbbing erection.  I have not lately been focussing upon erection strengthening - instead my whole focus has been upon lowering my blood sugar levels (to avoid being in the pre diabetes category).  This is why I was really surprised this morning to wake with such an erection, and really keen to establish if my new training regime could have brought about such a quick improvement.

This Morning

When I stood up my penis was not just harder - but more upright than normal too, actually pointing up to the ceiling rather than the top of the wall (Erection angle is not always to do with hardness though, according to experts, but can be due to stretching the suspensory ligament). It was such a difference that I had to keep looking in the mirror – for once with a successful feeling rather than a 'must do more feeling'.

Maybe Morning Wood the true indicator of an improved erection.

I often do get this hard when I'm really aroused but not from morning erections or erections during sleep that tend to be hard, but not really hard. I was not having a sexual dream to account for the extra hardness – just a dream about everyday work stuff. Therefore I wonder if the fact that I was not having an erotic dream, and therefore not really aroused, this shows a more accurate base level of my erection quality.

Something is definitely working to make my erection harder

I haven't been focussing upon making my erection harder, however I have in the last month or so changed my exercise regime, so I can only assume one or a combination of these new methods are the reason for my harder erection:

  • High intensity interval training (HIT) to lower blood sugar levels. I have really been increasing the intensity and every day my body has responded to meet the demands by improving and increasing the amount I can do. This form of exercising is proven to help lower blood glucose levels – helping insulin sensitivity, plus giving great cardio-vascular fitness gains.
  • Hot Baths are something else that I have been having a lot more of due to the effect this can have on lowering blood sugar. The heat also helps boost circulation by widening the blood vessels.

  • Whilst in the bath I have been practising the penis exercises and especially experimenting with the reverse penis exercise – to almost push blood into the penis and watch my penis swell up a bit and become more engorged with blood – but not totally erect – just semi.
  • When carrying out the penis exercises, that I do every day when I can remember, (just takes a minute or so) I have been contracting the muscles isometrically– holding the strongest contraction I can manage, for the longest period of time, until the contraction becomes noticeably reduced. This form of exercise can lead to specific strength gains.
  • I have really been exercising my gluteal muscles (buttocks) lately, especially the gluteus medius and adding an isometric element, to really bring about muscle failure to help them build stronger. I wonder if this has brought about extra blood flow to the region.
  • The only other reason for my improved erection quality could possibly be the testosterone boosting exercise – to really boost my testosterone levels – I have only been doing this for a few days.

My diet has not really changed – I always keep my levels of nitrates up to help dilate blood vessels, have garlic to help blood flow, limit processed food intake, have no meat but plenty of nuts, fruit and veg.

I may never find out what has really worked to improve my erection quality - but I suspect it is a combination of everything enhanced with HIT. I just hope it continues. If you have any questions or comments you can contact me below:

A 2023 Update

Erection still strong, as Hard as ever - when I put a bit of effort in with my latest erection improvement discovery -  The Harper Capability. Website planned for 2024 - The HEALTH ERECTION - for Hands Free Erection on Demand.

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