Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Nude Training improves body confidence. Naturist Experience


Smile and take your clothes off. Who cares what our bodies are like - a smile and nice personality are what makes for a great Nude or naturist Fitness experience.

We can always start with floor based exercise/ movement until you get used to the whole naked bit - and just smile - it eases so many anxieties - honestly. Hopefully you will not be at all anxious - but if you are no problem just remember I see you as the personality - I'd much rather have someone engaging and nice than mr Body beautiful who may be arrogant.

Personality and a smile wins every time.

Honest truth - I really don't care what your body looks like! All I gauge from my clients is whether they are nice and friendly or not - that is what is important as it makes for an enjoyable time. It really is not about looks I can assure you a smile beats muscles any day!

Plus as far as training your body - the emphasis is upon health and fitness, not body shape - apart from in the context of shape helping you become healthier.

Explanation: How Nude Training Helps With Body Confidence/Image

I use to be a nurse and totally use to putting people at their ease for medical procedures and giving reassurance about illness, so nudity is definitely something I can help you with. I will guide you through it, so that you can the find it liberating and natural as well as exciting!

Forget about the fake world of the internet where there are altered images all over the place - and where only the best of the best get reposted which distorts what is average! 

How the Nude Training Works

in a nude personal training session we are focussing less on how our bodies look, more on how they perform and function, with movement, exercise and balance. This gradually starts to give you acceptance of your body as you begin to appreciate just what your body can really do. Then you'll begin to love feeling free - feeling everything move! It's a great feeling and your penis will become part of the whole exercise session - as a part of you as opposed to being hidden away. Bring him out and let him exercise too!

Many ways to get Naked

We can just get naked, or we can do it gradually. Whatever way excites/inspires you or makes you feel comfortable. I will take the cues from you and can gently guide you if appropriate. Talking about you feel is the best thing! There is never any pressure to go nude, but you may just get into it and love the whole feeling of us doing something different to normal - which fosters that bond of acceptance and ultimately greater confidence!

Becoming More Comfortable with Nudity

Gradually throughout the nude training session you begin to come more comfortable naked, and a sense of achievement with what your body has achieved.

After Your Nude Training Session

As you either workout independently or with me in future training sessions, this deeper connection with how your body functions - will be reinforced. Your body gradually changes to become more defined as a result of the exercise (the changes can be quite small initially), but at least they are positive changes and that is all that really matters – it is a positive change, and bit by bit they all accumulate). But above all - changes in your body will seem less needed. You may still really want to improve your body, there is nothing with that, but acceptance and happiness with your body will be less dependent upon the changes.

Results and Functionality

As you begin to see the small positive changes in your body, so to will you be aware of how much better your body functions and how you feel. The look of your body will always be important but gradually will be given context with an ability to see the bigger picture - how health and function are so important yet can all too easily be taken for granted.

Health, Body Function & Look

The appreciation of how your body functions can lead to a greater appreciation of how important it is to be in good health. Good health can be something we take for granted to some extent, but as you begin to feel stronger and fitter you'll likely develop a greater appreciation for your health and be happier. Plus let's bring your penis into the whole scenario - a big part of you and who you are - perhaps your penis can lead the way and help you develop that mind/body connection.

Looks can (to a degree) Lose their Importance

Looks can be the driving force to exercise more, but it will be an aim that can be kept in check with the appreciation of your body and your health. You will love all that your body does for you and the fact that it is healthy, rather than just focusing upon the look of your body you will focus more upon the function.

This really does work

I know this works as it is something that I have gone through. I have never had a great body but as I have gone through my career - I have focussed less upon looks and more upon health and function. Especially since working in healthcare as a nurse. However looks may now my driving force to do more exercise but health, always, is my overall main priority. For example if I need to stop my blood glucose levels rising to the pre-diabetic range I immediately switch my exercise regime to deal with this rather than changing my body shape.  Compared to Other trainers I do not have a great body, but I have this in context, I am happy with my body – for a 50+ year old I am mainly glad to be in good health and I'd be lying if I didn't say I have done a lot to get it looking how it does but this is in context.

All About - Where We Start From

My body has never been that great, so I am happy with it now. It is about the improvement we gain for ourselves rather than the comparison to others. Some may look at my body and judge, but this for me is irrelevant as none of us know what pressures of life the other has endured. These pressures inevitably take a toll on our physical body, but again it is all about context.

Nude Training With Me

As you go through this training process with me, you may just find that the issue of how you look will not be as important as - how you begin to feel about your body! I can guarantee this will be better!

So just smile and enjoy the whole experience - the two of us doing something a bit different to normal - fosters a bond and an acceptance of each others body -  leading to improved confidence.

body image defined.