Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Older Personal Trainer

coach Harper - personal trainer ukAged 56, taken from my most recent video

Being an older personal trainer means I can help you more!!

Older personal Trainer with Passion and that's what's important. But passion for longevity in Virility and perhaps vanity. Age is not relevant - mindset is.

How can an older personal trainer help more?

I have the experience and knowledge, built up over years of working in both the NHS and fitness industry, to help improve body and mindset, using both fitness and health, ensuring all the body's systems are running optimally. Focusing upon just one element such as fitness is okay when we are young, however as we get older the body systems that support the 'getting fit' process become weaker, and fitness gains can be slow. If we strengthen the whole body with Lifestyle training, the fitness process (stimulating your body to improve) will be fully supported by your whole body - and the gains will come easier and quicker.

An Older Personal Trainer For More Than Just Fitness

I now have to do so many things to stay in shape - gone are the days when I just had to worry about my muscles - I now have to look after everything, otherwise it all starts to deteriorate! This means I have developed some easier ways to address all the issues that help us to look as youthful and strong as we can.

As we get older not only does it take more effort to build muscle, we have to work hard to keep what we already have. This is true for every part of our body -  not only do I have to train muscles in the normal way for fitness, body shape and strength, I am having to focus upon so many other aspects such as:

  • Longevity in Virility training- my specialist subjects:
  • General Health (using fitness, diet, sleep, stress management, less bad things and more good things!) 
  • Posture (helps improve body language - first impressions when we walk into a room)
  • Diet for health (helps keep all our body systems that support the fitness process healthy and working in optimum condition. Emerging evidence that diet may help the ageing process)
  • Diet for fitness (eating the right foods can mean less time needed exercising)
  • Improved sleep (good sleep = good hormone profile that can help all our body systems)
  • Better Stress management (at certain times in our lives this can be needed and is invaluable in helping us to retain optimal health to support our fitness)
  • Face training (retain the soft tissue around the face and exercising muscles of face and scalp to give a natural lift)
  • Mindfulness (helps with low mood and emerging evidence that may help ageing process)
  • Hair (through diet, exercise and circulation)

For training that is not boring - an older personal trainer brings lots of experience and an understanding of the pressures of life and the effect this has upon our body.

Fitting Exercise & A Healthy Lifestyle Into Your Day

It can be stressful aiming to fit a whole workout into the day and sometimes we do not have the energy. This stress can be counter productive so it's always worth remembering:

  • One minute of the right exercise can do more than one hour of the wrong exercise.
  • Improved sleep quality and duration, can improve hormone profile that may just help your body more than exercise. 
  • plus many other tips to ensure you are doing what can really help your body improve - rather than just using exercise alone.

I'll show you how you can gradually slot specific targetted training into your everyday life - and I'm here for support whenever you need it.

Whatever Your Age or Current State Of Health

No matter what your age - your body can be improved, all you need is a desire to improve your body, and I can help you with the rest. Being an older personal trainer I do understand how much harder it is to gain improvements, but when you do the rewards are brilliant.

Knowledge To Help You

To train to look as good as I can for my age is one of the hardest things to pull off (as I have not always had the most healthiest of lives!), and presents a continual challenge for me. It requires me to practice all aspects of Personal Lifestyle Training and draws upon all my knowledge gained throughout my career. If I just had to exercise for the sake of my muscles  - that would be relatively easy - just requires basic personal training knowledge that most personal trainers out there have.  However, the process of achieving extra muscle/fitness through conventional methods can be detrimental to other aspects of the body, that are not apparent when young - but as we get older these conventional methods can accelerate the ageing process. To gain this muscle, and be in overall good shape for your age, so that you look okay and not past it, calls for a slightly different approach. Personal Lifestyle Training with an older personal trainer definitely ensures your whole body will be working well and can support the process of getting fit. 

No matter how old you are - if you require to look good, more youthful and gain other benefits that are talked about at this site, then I can help you.

Why for Men?

There is so much out there for Women - yoga groups, classes of all sorts - but less for Men. During my NHS career I became aware of just how many men can suffer problems with their health (particularly sexual health). Many men do not seek help and become resigned to things not working as they once did - yet so much can be done to help. Give our body's what they need and they'll improve.

Looking Forward To Improvements As We Get Older

As we get older opportunities seem to lessen, but this sometimes can be due to how we are perceived. This can all be changed by improving our fitness, health, strength and body language which are proven to help us feel more confident.  Opportunities can then be more forthcoming. Being an older personal trainer with experience in improving lifestyle, gives you every chance of sustainable lifestyle change that will bring about many more improvements than exercise alone.

Give Your Body What It Needs

I'm not your average personal trainer – not a keen sportsman or ultra athletic. We all have very different reasons for training - most of my health & fitness regime is about vanity and not wanting to ever be in ill health.

I am fascinated by the capabilities of our bodies and how they respond and adapt when stimulated to do so.  Give your body what it needs and you'll be amazed at just what it can do.

Finding the trigger!

I come from a medical background and every day saw the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, but also saw first hand how difficult it is for some to change their life. In my experience, what works for one definitely may not work for another. We are all so different, but we all have something that will motivate us to exercise and improve our lifestyle. We just need to find your trigger. Due to the many aspects that it encompasses, Personal Lifestyle Training combined with the experience that an older personal trainer brings, can make it easier to find.

Older than 25?

If you are in your twenties, then the chances are, exercise alone will be enough to help you with most body improvements. But as we get older we need to throw everything we have into the battle to be fit, healthy and attractive as possible, But when we start winning the battle against the ageing process it is very rewarding and something you can benefit from forever.

Why is your current lifestyle important?

Improving your body is not just about one aspect it is about your whole body. The personal training I offer is a bit different in that I don't have one method for all – what works for one person may not for another so I have to get to know all about your current life.

Why is this important?

I need to understand exactly what you want to improve/achieve. But in order to get results there may be a few different aspects that we need to consider. We need to make sure you can fit any change into your existing life easily, so that you will do it long enough to get a result. When you get a result, you will hopefully want to continue with it forever. Get this right and you will have a new way of living that you can sustain for the rest of your life and what's more enjoy it.

My excuses and possibly yours too!

My body type is slim - I will never be really muscly and broad - my muscles are not massive, they are just defined. I have accepted that I will never be really muscly and ever look like a bodybuilder, so I work with what I have. My aim is therefore definition rather than bulking up.

It is important to know what body type you are - I will help you with this.  We need to know what is achievable and what is just impossible, to avoid frustration setting in. There are three main body types and we can be any one or a mixture of all three, but it is good to identify what type you are so that you know what is realistic for you.