Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

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If in doubt the best way forward is - everything in moderation.

This has to be one of the best things to keep in mind and is true for exercise, diet and any lifestyle change. Our body is complex and it does not always like very intensive diets, exercise or anything too intensive - due to other processes being disrupted. Our body can in certain conditions react in ways that are not in line with modern life. Sometimes we need to be mindful that some body processes are doing their best to ensure our survival. Therefore it can be better to work with our body - which really does not like any one thing to the exclusion of others - apart from the obvious things like junk food and cigarettes.

Even too much water will kill us!

Personal Training Help, if have a question about living a healthier lifestyle by:

  • integrating exercise into your everyday life
  • eating better for your health
  • reducing the bad things in your life
  • getting more sleep
  • reducing stress
  • or anything else

then you can ask it here....

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With so much information out there, regarding what we should and should not do, it can be really difficult to know what is best. Much of this information is in specific context to losing weight or improving an aspect of health and sometimes is not suitable for other body improvements. Whilst there are general healthier things that we can all do to help our health and fitness - if we want something very specific then specific changes may be required.